Damen launches Bibby Marine Services' new purpose-built service operations vessel

Damen has launched a new purpose-built service operations vessel (SOV) with walk-to-work (W2W) capability for Bibby Marine Services at its shipyard in Galati, Romania.

The newly launched Bibby Wavemaster 1 vessel was designed and built by Damen, and includes a DYNPOS (AUTR) DP2 system and motion compensated access system among others, as well as being environmentally friendly.

The 90m-long SOV has six landings to facilitate direct access to the gangway for technicians from the warehouse areas via a ‘stepless approach’.

It also features a helideck, daughter craft and CTV landings with refuelling capability.

Bibby Marine Services plan to use the vessel in offshore wind construction activities, as well as operations and maintenance (O&M) projects in the North Sea.

Damen business development and market intelligence director Peter Robert said: “I am honestly convinced that Damen has designed and built the best vessel for the tasks envisaged, which is going to be available on the market as of the end of August this year.

"Damen has designed and built the best vessel for the tasks envisaged, which is going to be available on the market as of the end of August."

“The combination of Damen and Bibby brings together a significant amount of knowledge, which has resulted in some impressive innovation.

“Carrying out the integrated HIL simulator analyses of the vessel +DP system + gangway system, in a time domain simulation with the actual controllers connected to it proves safe operations in the 2.5m wave height range required by the tender in real life conditions; the only vessel currently able to achieve this, in fact.

"Based on this, the ship owner can guarantee site specific vessel performance and safe operations.”

Bibby Wavemaster 1 was completed following a two-year design and build period, and is set to provide fast, safe and comfortable access to offshore wind turbines.

Image: Bibby Wavemaster 1 vessel launching ceremony at Damen shipyard in Galati, Romania. Photo: courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.