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About Ship Technology Global

Ship Technology Global is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the shipping industry, bringing you the latest news and analysis in an exciting, interactive format. Produced by a team of experienced editors and contributors, this bi-monthly magazine brings together insights into key market and investment trends, policy changes affecting the industry as well as new technological developments. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the global shipping industry, we take a look at the latest in shipbuilding and engineering, cruise operations and commercial shipping as well as environmental and safety considerations across the shipping sector.

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July 2020 Top

Issue 71 | July 2020
In this issue: preventing collisions at sea, applications for nanotechnology in shipping, maritime’s contribution to Covid-19 relief efforts and more.

May 2020 Top

Issue 70 | May 2020
In this issue: the impact of coronavirus on global shipping, exploring the cost of decarbonisation, technology for tracking illegal shipping activities, and more.

March 2020 Top

Issue 69 | March 2020
In this issue: the impact of major shipbuilding mergers, human trafficking at ports, wind propulsion in shipping, and more.

January 2020 Top

Issue 68 | January 2020
In this issue: the controversy surrounding open-loop scrubbers, the evolution of shipping investment, new state-of-the-art weather forecasting technology for maritime, and more.

Yearbook 2019 Top

Special Issue | Yearbook 2019
In this special Yearbook issue: a look back at some of the biggest stories from the shipping and cruise industries in 2019.

November 2019 Top

Issue 67 | November 2019
In this issue: the IMO’s Hong Kong Convention, reducing whale collisions at sea, and asking leading women in shipping how the maritime sector can help attract more female employees.

September 2019 Top

Issue 66 | September 2019
In this issue: protecting shipping in the Persian Gulf, strategic ports in the Indian Ocean, the impact of autonomy on the UK’s maritime industry, and more.

July 2019 Top

Issue 65 | July 2019
In this issue: the first Geneva declaration on seafarers’ rights, autonomous ship navigation, measuring noise pollution in ports and more.

May 2019 Top

Issue 64 | May 2019
In this issue: the impact of Venezuela’s political situation on shipping, five key talking points from the UK’s Maritime 2050 initiative, and more.

March 2019 Top

Issue 63 | March 2019
In this issue: bringing space tech to the seas, three key solutions for decarbonizing shipping, the potential for fuel cells in propulsion, cleaning up ports around the world, and more.

January 2019 Top

Issue 62 | January 2019
In this issue: the threat of Brexit to UK seafarers, shipping a new wharf to the Antarctic, the dangers of liquefied cargoes, the future of London’s Thames Clipper, and more.

December 2018 Top

Issue 61 | December 2018
In this issue: handling shipping waste, the battle with drug use at sea, face-to-face with the Shipbreaking Platform, the dispute around Djibouti Port, and more.

November 2018 Top

Issue 60 | November 2018
In this issue: the relevance of the Jones Act, optimising vessel performance, auto-berthing technology, the importance of sounding, and more.

October 2018 Top

Issue 59 | October 2018
In this issue: tackling fires on board container ships, the adoption of biofuels, Indian cabotage, the story behind Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port, cybersecurity in shipping and more.

September 2018 Top

Issue 58 | September 2018
In this issue: Italy closes its ports to NGO ships carrying migrants, using drones to inspect and repair vessels, ballast-free solutions for shipbuilders, a combustion-free cargo sailing vessel, detecting illegal fishing, and more.

August 2018 Top

Issue 57 | August 2018
In this issue: The hottest new wearable technologies set to revolutionise the seafarer experience, the risks presented to ports by climate change, the world’s first real-time freight container registry, protecting livestock at sea, and more.

July 2018 Top

Issue 56 | July 2018
In this issue: Emerging ports in Africa, safety concerns around lithium-ion batteries, celebrating the Sailors’ Society, the IMO’s pledge to reduce emissions, the digital technologies helping ports to cut costs, and more.

June 2018 Top

Issue 55 | June 2018
In this issue: The potential impact of a US China trade war on shipping, the Mayflower autonomous ship, the development of Nigeria’s shipping sector, Sweden’s efforts to decarbonise maritime transport, the most useful apps for seafarers, and more.

May 2018 Top

Issue 54 | May 2018
In this issue: Boosting seafarers’ rights to shore leave, India’s move to manage part of the strategic Chabahar Port, post-Brexit challenges for the UK’s ports, regulating shipping emissions at British ports, the planned Kanal Istanbul, and more.

April 2018 Top

Issue 53 | April 2018
In this issue: The benefits of updating Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems, Finland’s first hybrid-electric ferry, using predictive analytics to help ports cut costs, questions posed by autonomy on the seas, and more.

March 2018 Top

Issue 52 | March 2018
In this issue: The challenges of implementing the Ballast Water Management Convention, using satellites to monitor the oceans, the advantages of slowing down vessels, how landlocked countries have developed maritime economies, and more.

February 2018 Top

Issue 51 | February 2018
In this issue: The challenges of balancing supply and demand in the shipping industry, a project to use a schooner to carry cargo on the Hudson River, a new carbon calculator to centralise emissions data for the Panama Canal, and more.

January 2018 Top

Issue 50 | January 2018
In this issue: A new automatic wireless induction charging system for hybrid-powered vessels, advancing intelligence awareness systems in shipping, the challenges of building identical sister ships, and more.

Yearbook 2017 Top

Special Issue | Yearbook 2017
In this issue: We round up the biggest industry news from across the world in 2017, take a look at the latest technology developments in shipping, outline the outlook for ballast water management regulations, and more.

December 2017 Top

Issue 49 | December 2017
In this issue: Ending dangerous shipbreaking, GloFouling Partnerships project’s bid to reduce the spread of aquatic species, using composite materials in shipbuilding, how to protect ports from global warming, and more.

November 2017 Top

Issue 48 | November 2017
In this issue: An air quality strategy for the Thames, addressing safety in Arctic shipping, the importance of maritime chokepoints, plans to build the Seine-Nord Europe Canal, helping the industry move towards a low-carbon era, and more.

October 2017 Top

Issue 47 | October 2017
In this issue: Reasons behind the IMO’s decision to delay ballast water management requirement, how blockchain could change the future of global trade, a new digital seal for shipping containers, pollution levels on cruise ships, and more.

September 2017 Top

Issue 46 | September 2017
In this issue: The impact of Brexit on shipowners and insurance companies, One Sea’s plan to achieve commercial autonomous traffic by 2025, granting cargo owners more control over their contribution to carbon emissions, and more.

August 2017 Top

Issue 45 | August 2017
In this issue: The first digital underwater communications standard, Singapore Port’s plans for the future, new software to limit emissions from marine engines, a project to construct a seaweed cultivation vessel, and more.

July 2017 Top

Issue 44 | July 2017
In this issue: Developments in autonomy for cargo ship navigation, using bio LNG to reduce emissions in shipping, how the cruise industry can accommodate responsible tourism, expanding the Port of Gdansk, and more.

June 2017 Top

Issue 43 | June 2017
In this issue: Designing an America’s Cup class catamaran, Norway’s plans to construct a ship tunnel, how companies can better tackle illegal contraband, Virginia’s stake on the US East Coast, robotic welding in shipbuilding, and more.

May 2017 Top

Issue 42 | May 2017
In this issue: The changing nature of piracy, building the world’s largest hybrid vessel, the Port of Tilbury’s £1bn expansion plans, detecting toxic gas in shipping containers, cruise ship safety features, the problem of seafarer fatigue, and more.

April 2017 Top

Issue 41 | April 2017
In this issue: Forecasts for the year ahead in the shipping industry, personalising the cruise experience with wearable technology, the challenge in selecting a ballast water treatment system, Mexico’s port expansion plans, and more.

March 2017 Top

Issue 40 | March 2017
In this issue: Jamaica’s ambitions to become a top cruise destination, using hydrogen to power ships, LNG’s current state of affairs, Liverpool’s new container terminal, the impact of increased shipping in Arctic waters, cleaning up wrecks, and more.

February 2017 Top

Issue 39 | February 2017
In this issue: A project making the Northwest Passage more navigable, how Anaklia deep sea port offers a crucial link, the first unmanned vessel for offshore operations, hackathons in the maritime industry, the problem of stowaways, and more.

January 2017 Top

Issue 38 | January 2017
In this issue: The IMO’s ruling on shipping efficiency, Australia’s cruise industry, the future of unmanned maritime vessels, finding new uses for shipping containers, how Xeneta is taking the containerised ocean freight market by storm, and more.

December 2016 Top

Issue 37 | December 2016
In this issue: Cruise ships targeted by drug smugglers, how to make ship design more human-oriented, China’s shipbreaking industry, the Netherlands’ mainports policy, how telemedicine can help avoid ship diversions, and more.

November 2016 Top

Issue 36 | November 2016
In this issue: Why the US and India have agreed to strengthen their maritime ties, how the GloMEEP project aims to improve energy efficiency, whether recycled plastic can be used to replace HFO, regulating the use of USVs in shipping, and more.

October 2016 Top

Issue 35 | October 2016
In this issue: How to assess the effectiveness of ballast water treatment systems, a coalition making the case for LNG, Miami�s new cruise port, how Nigeria is tackling corruption at its ports, the case of seafarers detained in India, and more.

September 2016 Top

Issue 34 | September 2016
In this issue: Port security in an age of uncertainty, how ports are preparing for the arrival of megaships, why Portland Port lost its entire container business, the world’s most advanced icebreaker, career avenues for seafarers leaving the sea, and more.

August 2016 Top

Issue 33 | August 2016
In this issue: The impact of heavy fuel oil on the environment, a new shipping container alliance, why some European ports fare better than others, the push for the Chabahar Port project, and more.

July 2016 Top

Issue 32 | July 2016
In this issue: Increasing efficiency in EU ports, setting a cleaner course for shipping in the Canadian Arctic, Rolls-Royce�s drone ship control network, changing ship maintenance with new fuels, the challenges of sustainable ship recycling and more.

June 2016 Top

Issue 31 | June 2016
In this issue: UK shipping and the EU referendum, managing risks in shipbuilding, the Crimea controversy, how to ensure cruise passenger safety in a climate of threats, a new prediction technique for rogue waves and more

May 2016 Top

Issue 30 | May 2016
In this issue: carbon tax vs fuel levy, the fall of the Baltic dry index, Queensland’s port developments, applications for drones in the maritime industry, tackling bullying in the workforce and more.

April 2016 Top

Issue 29 | April 2016
In this issue: how the shipping industry is navigating the migration crisis, the first trial of e-navigation, ballast water regulation � USCG vs IMO, BIMCO�s cyber security guidelines and more.

March 2016 Top

Issue 28 | March 2016
In this issue: Inside GE’s new Marine branch, a new model for green cruise ships, improving the supply chain for LNG, plans for a bunkering hub in Mauritius, what the Maritime Labour Convention has achieved so far, Mercy Ships’ expansion plans and more.

February 2016 Top

Issue 27 | February 2016
In this issue: Amsterdam’s new sea lock, technology trends in maintenance, a look inside the Norwegian Escape, Port of Willemstad redevelopment, how shipping can become a part of the climate solution, a new approach to booking ocean freight and more.

January 2016 Top

Issue 26 | January 2016
In this issue: The UK�s new polar research ship, why shoreside power needs a boost, predictive maintenance with GE Marine, simulation training for emergency crews, the cruise industry steps up its culinary game, recruiting the next generation of seafarers and more.

December 2015 Top

Issue 25 | December 2015
In this issue: Australia’s controversial new shipping legislation, strategies for growth in the UK�s maritime sector, South Korea’s shipbuilding decline, the latest in wind power propulsion, transformative technologies in ship design, and more.

November 2015 Top

Issue 24 | November 2015
In this issue: How collision simulation is helping to improve navigational safety, a new trans-Caspian transport route, opportunities in cruises to Cuba, getting ahead of the hackers in maritime security, the potential of 3D printing in shipbuilding, and more.

September 2015 Top

Issue 22 | September 2015
In this issue: Turbocharging the world’s biggest container ships, the future of LNG as a shipping fuel, Gulf ports gear up for business, the UK’s push for supply chain efficiencies, the Chinese shipbreaking market, and more.

October 2015 Top

Issue 23 | October 2015
In this issue: How the industry is preparing for the ballast water rules and the treatment solutions available on the market, the master plan for London’s new cruise terminal, the Port of Amsterdam’s strategy for success, ship and rail options for a Thai canal, and more.

August 2015 Top

Issue 21 | August 2015
In this issue: The Marshall Islands’ push for global shipping emission targets, how the industry is preparing for e-navigation, insights into fuel efficiency from Maersk, how cruise operators are scoring for sustainability, a look at Anthem of the Seas, the ecological impact of artificial light in harbours, and more.

June 2015 Top

Issue 20 | June 2015
In this issue: Southeast Asia’s emerging shipbuilding hubs, innovations in port security technology, man overboard detection for the cruise industry, BlackBerry’s new offering for the container shipping market, challenges and rewards of the maritime pilot’s role and more.

April 2015 Top

Issue 19 | April 2015
In this issue: a new wind-LNG hybrid vessel concept, forecasts for the global tanker market, robotic help for ballast water tank maintenance, a new vision for a Nicaragua canal, tackling congestion at the US West Coast ports, and more.

February 2015 Top

Issue 18 | February 2015
In this issue: China eyes the cruise market, the security risks of AIS data manipulation, Thales’ new piracy protection system, Eniram’s efficiency vision, the world’s biggest floating drydock and more.

January 2015 Top

Issue 17 | January 2015
In this issue: emerging piracy threats against oil and gas tankers, the strategies behind new shipping alliances, inside the Quantum of the Seas, hunting for the lost Malaysian Airlines flight 370 with Fugro’s technology, a day in the life of a Maersk deck cadet and more.

December 2014 Top

Issue 16 | December 2014
In this issue: Emerging piracy threats on the map, the impact of European shipping companies flagging out, India’s ambitions to become a major shipbuilding hub, DNV GL’s new battery-powered concept vessel for short sea shipping, the booming market for ballast water treatment technology, and more.

October 2014 Top

Issue 15 | October 2014
In this issue: The emerging trend of themed cruises, social media strategies for success, the future of NOx monitoring in the EU, how the IMO plans to improve ferry safety in the wake of several disasters, new requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants and more.

August 2014 Top

Issue 14 | August 2014
In this issue: the essentials of cruise entertainment, in-cabin gadgets and luxury trends, the threat of cyber piracy, eco hull cleaning for carbon credits, the search for alternative fuels, standardising port reporting across Europe and more

June 2014 Top

Issue 13 | June 2014
In this issue: The potential of unmanned cargo ships, mobile navigation apps, drivers of optimism in the cruise industry, the threat of ghost ships, the future of sea rescue in the UK, a new use for phased-out tankers and more

April 2014 Top

Issue 13 | June 2014
In this issue: The potential of unmanned cargo ships, mobile navigation apps, drivers of optimism in the cruise industry, the threat of ghost ships, the future of sea rescue in the UK, a new use for phased-out tankers and more

February 2014Top

Issue 11 | February 2014
In this issue: How port operators and authorities are tackling organised cyber crime, the challenges of making the transition to ECDIS, why demand for refurbs is on the rise, a new generation of maritime simulation training, Fincantieri�s innovation challenge, and more

December 2013Top

Issue 10 | December 2013
In this issue: The winner of our Innovations in Energy Efficiency Award 2013, how BAE Systems� shipyard closures will affect the industry in the UK, a new design for ultra-stable offshore accommodation, the Houston Ship Channel�s security upgrade, how a new study addresses the health and safety risks posed by seafarer fatigue, how the maritime security industry can tackle threats posed by piracy and terrorism, and more.

October 2013Top

Issue 9 | October 2013
In this issue: Keeping emissions on the right side of the law, the benefits of shore power for busy ports, new regulations for ballast water management, the latest automated technology and robotic systems for shipyards, how private maritime security providers respond to new piracy threats emerging around West Africa, and more

August 2013Top

Issue 8 | August 2013
In this issue: AIS data and security risks, nominees for the Innovation in Energy Efficiency Award 2013, the world’s largest diesel-electric hybrid vessel, Norway’s ambitious ship tunnel project, the controversy surrounding ship recycling, and more

June 2013Top

Issue 7 | June 2013
In this issue: The promising future of shipping and seaborne trade, noise and vibration control, a wind and solar powered vessel design, first steps in on-board carbon capture and storage, innovative materials for hull cleaning, the new London Gateway port, the challenges facing emerging Arctic sea routes, and more.

April 2013Top

Issue 6 | April 2013
In this issue: Impressive upgrade and renovation projects, the world’s first deployment of eLoran to back up GPS in the English Channel, the potential of electrofuels, the challenges faced by European shipyards, getting a grip on credit risk management, and more

February 2013Top

Issue 5 | February 2013
In this issue: The latest generation of propulsion systems, making conventional fuels more eco-friendly, autonomous information-gathering robots to patrol the oceans, Russia’s expanding nuclear icebreaker fleet, and more.

December 2012Top

Issue 4 | December 2012
In this issue: The balance between passenger security and privacy, the world’s first fossil fuel-free cargo ship, a bridge design inspired by computer games, mark-to-market valuation for fleets, and more.

October 2012Top

Issue 3 | October 2012
In this issue: The success of Europe’s cruise industry, intelligent robot fish to clean up ports, mobile technology for shipping companies, how climate change could open up new shipping lanes, and more.

August 2012Top

Issue 2 | August 2012
In this issue: Taking ECDIS on board, eco-friendly cruise liners, the search for alternative fuels, the most impressive private yachts, offshore production mega ships, and much more.

June 2012Top

Issue 1 | June 2012
In this issue: New design concepts for ground-breaking cruise liner interiors, the world’s most advanced vessels, hull maintenance with remote-operated vehicles, trends in marine recruitment, piracy updates, and more

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