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Fuels: Is shipping heading in the right direction?

Climate change is high on the agenda for most countries as they look to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly over the coming years. The shipping industry is currently one of the biggest polluters but it is responding to the need for lower carbon emissions and, ultimately, green fleets. We speak to experts leading the quest for new fuel sources that are not only less damaging to the environment but also protect hauliers’ profits.

How are maritime careers expected to change after Covid-19?

Covid-19 has brought to light huge inefficiencies in the way that the maritime industry handles and safeguards seafarers. With gruelling reports of stranded workers still coming to light, how will future careers in the sector be affected? And does this industry risk going through a recruitment drought?

Must be this size to travel: Key West votes to limit big cruise ships

In a series of referendums, residents of Key West, Florida, US have voted to restrict the size and number of ships calling at the port. Intended to curb over-tourism, the move will have a wide-ranging effect on the industry and has already attracted attempts to overturn it. We look at what brought it about, and what the ban could mean for the future.

Kids clubs: making cruise ships appealing for a new generation

Kids clubs are a staple of the cruise ship industry, providing entertainment for youngsters and an opportunity for their parents to relax and enjoy the ship. But how have kids clubs changed over the years, and what regulations will have to be put in to keep kids safe?

Streaming service: could micro bubbles speed up shipping?

UK tech firm Silverstream Technologies has developed a lubrication concept which uses tiny bubbles pumped through vents on the hull to reduce friction between the vessel and the water, helping it glide through the seas, improving efficiency and saving fuel. Silverstream Technologies CEO Noah Silberschmidt explains more about their technology and recent deals with Shell and cruise lines.

Preventing ship collisions: is technology the answer?

Despite the evolution of navigation equipment, ship collisions still occur and can be devastating for crew and cargo. How can technology help prevent collisions, and do existing regulations need to change as shipping moves into a more digital era?

AI in shipping: areas to watch in 2020

The buzz around artificial intelligence continues to proliferate, with shipping companies beginning to explore AI’s potential in predictive maintenance, intelligent scheduling and real-time analytics. Here is a round-up of five specific areas set to benefit from artificial intelligence in 2020.

Boozing and cruising: alcohol consumption on the high seas

Drunken chaos engulfed the P&O Britannia in July as holidaymakers brawled. Six people were injured in the fracas with fingers were pointed at a passenger dressed as a clown. The ‘booze cruise’ is a time-honoured tradition, but at a time when the public is becoming increasingly aware of the problems of drinking, does a stricter line need to be drawn on cruise ships?

Dubai’s cruise sector: plain sailing or does Hormuz spell choppy waters ahead?

Dubai’s Mina Rashid Port recently welcomed five cruise ships in a single day, and overall stats for the industry have been looking positive, with cruise footfall increasing by 51% and cruise ship dockings up 38% season-on-season. We take a look into the rapid growth of Dubai’s cruise sector and whether tanker seizures and diplomatic tensions from nearby Iran pose any threat to this success.

Simplifying maritime control room operations

MarTRX by Frequentis has been designed to simplify maritime control room operations by using one web-based platform, saving operators vital time in finding the data they need. Alexander Love speaks to Alexander Neuhaus, strategic product manager at Frequentis, to learn a bit more about the technology.