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Q&A: Scrubbing emissions in shipping with Daphne Technology

The shipping industry facilitates much of the world’s trade but also contributes significantly to global emissions. We spoke with Daphne Technology’s CEO Mario Michan about how innovations in scrubber technologies could play a huge role in decarbonising shipping, and how future-proofing vessels is now becoming essential.

Digital seas: how Covid-19 could change the face of freight shipping

The global freight shipping sector, initially crippled by Covid-19, is emerging with a new purpose and confidence that digitisation could be the legacy of the pandemic. We speak with Jeff Wehner, co-founder of freight logistics automation company Haven Inc, about the revolution that might finally be coming.

The next generation: how technology is driving ship cadet training

Training ships have provided an opportunity for cadets to gain the skills they need for more than 150 years. With two significant contracts for a new fleet of training ships awarded, it seems they’re here to stay for years to come. Here is a look at how technology has revolutionised the training vessel, and how training standards must now catch up.

Sink or swim: how decarbonisation will reshape shipping forever

What is good for the world isn’t necessarily good for shipping as we know it. That, arguably, is the key takeaway from a recently published study looking into the effects of carbon reduction on the global shipping industry. We talk to the report’s author, Stuart Nicholl of MSI.

Ballast water compliance: what you need to know

The BWM Convention was recently amended during the 74th International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Environment Protection Committee meeting. The changes will have a significant impact on the industry as the American Bureau of Shipping’s William H Burroughs explains.

Ellen E-ferry: the world’s glimpse of the future of ferries

The Ellen electric ferry is set to welcome its first paying customer. Trine Heinemann talks about its design and how it could shape the future of mid-distance ferry crossings.

So long Sulphur emissions: navigating the new IMO regulations

In January 2020 the shipping industry, and those supplying its fuel, face one of the biggest challenges in decades. How is the sector preparing for the next adaptation of the MARPOL Convention?

Using AI to navigate the tricky topic of ship navigation

Ship navigation has been fraught with danger ever since the first vessel took to the water. Like many roles today, that of a ship’s captain has been made less risky thanks to technology. Orca AI – a new navigation system which offers increased sight in the toughest conditions – could be the solution to this.