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Big plans for little ships: Will small-scale cruises win out after Covid?

Industry insiders believe 2021 will see a major boost for small-scale cruising as passengers look for fewer crowds and more adventurous itineraries. We speak to operators and experts to find out more.

Testing the waters: Direct shipping opens between Iran and Syria

A new shipping line between Iran and Syria is already causing tensions in the Middle East, yet could be a lifeline for both sanction-hit countries. Heidi Vella profiles the new agreement and potential risks for stoking geopolitical tensions.

Q&A: Rating sustainability in the maritime sector with RightShip

In February, shipping sustainability ratings firm RightShip unveiled its new Safety Score index and updated Greenhouse Gas Emissions monitoring platform. We speak to the company’s sustainability manager Kris Fumberger about the sectors’ decarbonisation conundrum and where he sees the market heading.

Shipping piracy report – June and July 2013

As attacks by West African pirates reach new high levels, global leaders have come together to tackle the problem, while the US also sees a landmark conviction against Somali pirates. In partnership with OceanusLive, covers the latest incidences and the international response to piracy.