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Innovations in maritime navigation software

Following the Ever Given incident, Suez Canal Authority head Osama Rabie speculated that human error may have been the cause rather than unfavourable conditions. The latest navigation technology reduces the risk of future incidents and offers improved efficiency and lower emissions. We investigate some solutions and how they can benefit the shipping industry.

Visit Stornoway: building a port for the biggest cruise ships

The biggest cruise ships in the world could soon be visiting the Scottish Isles, thanks to the announcement of a massive investment to develop a new deep water terminal. We investigate the plan for large cruise operators to soon have easy access to the Outer Hebrides.

Brexit and UK shipbuilding: a time for rebirth or a time for regret?

Boris Johnson’s government pledged to ‘bring shipbuilding back to the UK’ as it prepared to finalise its exit from the European Union. Now that the UK has left the union, what does the future look like for British shipbuilding?

Cruises to nowhere: a stuttering return to the seas

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to thwart cruise lines’ return to the seas. Some operators have introduced the concept of a ‘cruise to nowhere’ as a means of encouraging holidaymakers back aboard, but why has this idea faced challenges?

Aurora Expeditions: a closer look at Sylvia Earle

Scheduled for delivery in October 2021, Aurora Expeditions Sylvia Earle is expected to build on the company’s pedigree for fast and fuel-efficient expeditionary cruise ships. We speak to the company to find out how the company is attempting to one-up its previous offering and ask how the company has been affected by the pandemic.

Cybersecurity: is the cruise industry prepared?

With multiple cyberattacks recorded already, some against major cruise companies like Norwegian and Carnival, it is time the industry takes storm warnings seriously. So why is the industry a target for cybercriminals and how should companies take a proactive approach?

Finding new cruise revenue sources with IBS Software

With cruises set to resume in the coming months and positive signs that demand is recovering, operators must now focus on recovering lost revenues. Asish Koshy, head of the tour and cruise business for IT solutions provider IBS Software, describes how cruise operators can optimise their costs, manage risk and create new revenue sources as the industry overcomes Covid-19.

Are cruise operators paying attention to the latest food trends?

Paying attention to ongoing food trends can help cruise operators to ensure they’re meeting the demands of their guests, whether by considering the health, environmental, or ethical impact of the dishes they serve, or providing authentic, local culinary experiences.