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Berenice Baker

Ship Technology Global: Issue 19

In this issue: a new wind-LNG hybrid vessel concept, forecasts for the global tanker market, robotic help for ballast water tank maintenance, a new vision for a Nicaragua canal, tackling congestion at the US West Coast ports, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 18

In this issue: China eyes the cruise market, the security risks of AIS data manipulation, Thales’ new piracy protection system, Eniram’s efficiency vision, the world’s biggest floating drydock and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 17

In this issue: emerging piracy threats against oil and gas tankers, the strategies behind new shipping alliances, inside the Quantum of the Seas, hunting for the lost Malaysian Airlines flight 370 with Fugro’s technology, a day in the life of a Maersk deck cadet and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 16

In this issue: Emerging piracy threats on the map, the impact of European shipping companies flagging out, India’s ambitions to become a major shipbuilding hub, DNV GL’s new battery-powered concept vessel for short sea shipping, the booming market for ballast water treatment technology, and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 15

In this issue: The emerging trend of themed cruises, social media strategies for success, the future of NOx monitoring in the EU, how the IMO plans to improve ferry safety in the wake of several disasters, new requirements for environmentally acceptable lubricants and more

Ship Technology Global: Issue 14

In this issue: the essentials of cruise entertainment, in-cabin gadgets and luxury trends, the threat of cyber piracy, eco hull cleaning for carbon credits, the search for alternative fuels, standardising port reporting across Europe and more.

Ship Technology Global: Issue 13

In this issue: The potential of unmanned cargo ships, mobile navigation apps, drivers of optimism in the cruise industry, the threat of ghost ships, the future of sea rescue in the UK, a new use for phased-out tankers and more

Ship Technology Global: Issue 12

In this issue: Safer docking in European ports, future icebreakers for new Arctic routes, navigating new emissions regulations, Egypt’s ambitious Suez Canal expansion plans, and more

Ship Technology Global: Issue 11

In this issue: We ask how coastal authorities are defending their ports against cyber threats, analyse the growth of the refit and renovation market, find out if operators are ready for ECDIS and more.