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Richard is editor-in-chief for defence and transport at GlobalData.

Richard Thomas

Generating workforce for FSS programme will be a challenge: UK officials

Around 1,000 new workers will need to be recruited at two UK shipyards in order to fulfill the build for the Fleet Solid Support programme.

Pragmatism wins the day as MROSS chosen over National Flagship

The decision by the UK Secretary of Defence to suspend the National Flagship programme has enabled investment into subsurface surveillance platforms.

UN pushes ahead with Ukraine grain inspections as Russia backs out

Moscow has suspended participation in a joint UN-Turkish programme that enabled the export of Ukrainian grains via a maritime corridor in the Black Sea.

NATO forces destroy seven mines adrift in Black Sea

Shipping had been warned of risk of floating mines from the Ukraine-Russia war, with vital grain shipments also possibly threatened.

New UKHO report shows defence revenue on the rise

The UK Hydrographic Office’s latest annual report shows increased revenue from defence customers, and an ongoing effort to transition away from paper charts to digital products.

Russian aggression shows the West’s GNSS weakness

In the modern world, global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) form the digital link between all elements of society, from military, to parapublic and civilian.

More than 400,000 metric tons of grains shipped out of Ukraine

A total of 20 merchant vessels have been used so far in an immense logistical operation being jointly overseen by the UN, Türkiye, Ukraine, and Russia.

First shipment of Ukraine grain leaves Odesa bound for Lebanon

As the first shipment of Ukrainian grain gets underway, the maritime security situation is still far from secure.

Countering tomorrow’s UUV threats – from concept to reality

Emerging uncrewed threats in the underwater domain bring new challenges for port and littoral security.

UK MoD eyes exit from Channel migrant mission

Single illegal migrant craft made “uncontrolled” landing on UK shores since military involvement began.