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Expansion on track: Port Everglades’ new infrastructure projects

Florida’s Port Everglades, one of the largest cruise terminals in the world, is undergoing a transformative set of infrastructure improvements. Costing $1.6bn, the projects include the biggest berth expansion in its history, as well as deeper and wider channels and a new logistics centre. Covid-19 is yet to hinder progress.

Managing sea traffic in the Baltic Sea

Finnish firm Wärtsilä has been contracted to upgrade the route-sharing systems of 50 tankers active in the Baltic Sea. The installations form part of BALT SAFE, an EU-supported project based around the concept of sea traffic management. The end goal is safer and more efficient shipping in the region.

Self-cleaning ships: Inside Lindblad Expeditions’ ground-breaking new eco-initiative

Last year, Lindblad Expeditions completed the trial of a new self-cleaning solution onboard its National Geographic Explorer vessel. In eliminating the need for plastic detergent bottles – while also reducing water use and sickness among passengers – the environmental benefits are clear to see. Lindblad vice-president of hotel operations Bruce Tschampel to explains more.

Fighting battery fires at sea with direct-foam injection technology

Following a study led by DNV-GL and other industry stakeholders, FiFi4Marine’s lithium-ion fire extinguishing system was found to be the best-performing to improve battery safety on vessels. FiFi4Marine CEO Cor Meedendorp and managing partner Magnus Eriksson discuss what makes the direct foam injection system so unique.

We can see you: introducing Dark Vessel Detection

Finnish start-up ICEYE recently launched Dark Vessel Detection, a new global solution which promises to help governments spot ships engaging in illegal activities in their waters. Here is a look at how the technology could help coastal states better protect both their economies and human life.

Cyber-SHIP lab: a timely intervention as cybersecurity washes the blue economy

The shipping industry might be the lifeblood of trade and commerce, but it remains wanting when it comes to cybersecurity awareness. This makes the launch of Cyber-SHIP Lab, a new research and training facility at the University of Plymouth, especially opportune. The project’s principal investigator, professor Kevin Jones explains more.

Thrones of contention: Dubrovnik resets its relationship with the cruise industry

Dubrovnik has come together with the CLIA to improve the spiky relationship between the Croatian city and the cruise industry. In the name of sustainable tourism, both parties are set to benefit.

Q&A: How a new marine tracking system could help reduce whale collisions

In just three years, 37 cases of whales colliding with ships were recorded off the US east coast alone. Could a new, smart sensor-based marine tracking system, developed by a research team at the University of California, Santa Barbara, help shippers avoid accidents? Ross Davies meets project director Morgan Visalli to find out more.

A game of risk: the Indian Ocean’s most strategically important ports

Home to some of the world’s busiest shipping and trade routes, a power struggle is being contested in the Indian Ocean between China and other Asian countries. Here is a look at five of the region’s most strategically important ports and their role at the heart of geopolitics.

Timeline: a look back at the life of the QE2

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the iconic QE2 cruise liner. Now moored as a floating hotel in Dubai’s Port Rashid, we look back at her colourful history, from playing a pivotal role in the Falklands conflict to surviving 95ft rogue waves.