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Top tweets on cruise in Q2 2021

1. Doug Parker’s tweet on CDC’s new guidance on resuming sailing

Doug Parker, host of the Cruise Radio podcast, shared an article on the new guidance issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on resuming sailing out of US ports. The new guidance was viewed as the first step towards resumption of sailing services, which were stopped over a year ago.

However, the guidance did not provide a clear way forward for resumption of sailing but rather focused on the agreements required between cruise lines and ports. According to the new guidance, cruise lines must sign agreements with each port in the US on how many ships can sail, the hours of operation and the number of travellers permitted during those hours.

The guidance does not require passengers to be vaccinated but recommends passengers and crew to get the vaccine when available. It also specifies that congregation of embarking and disembarking passengers should be prevented.

Username: Doug Parker

Twitter handle: @CruiseRadio

Retweets: 13

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2. Antonio Paradiso’s tweet on UK sailings being safe

Antonio Paradiso, MSC Cruises managing director for UK and Ireland, shared an article on the cruise line being confident that UK sailings are safe. The company became the first to resume sailing in the UK with its MSC Virtuosa ship after a 14-month gap.

The cruise started with pre-departure testing, followed by check-in process including proof of vaccination. The pre-departure testing is essential to create a safety bubble onboard the ship and protect the passengers. The onboard experience remains slightly different with Covid-regulations in place including physical distancing and face masks, the article noted.

Username: Antonio Paradiso

Twitter handle: @AntonyParadiso

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3. Gene Sloan’s tweet on unvaccinated passengers facing restrictions on Royal Caribbean cruises

Gene Sloan, a writer at the Points Guy travel website, shared an article on unvaccinated passengers facing more restrictions than vaccinated passengers on Royal Caribbean’s cruises sailing from Florida. The unvaccinated passengers will not be able to access all the ship’s activities and will also be required to meet additional requirements such as Covid-19 testing and mask-wearing.

Vaccinated passengers will be provided with wristbands to identify that they are vaccinated and enable access to vaccinated-only venues and events. Unvaccinated passengers, on the other hand, will need to have a hole punched in their key cards called SeaPass cards. Unvaccinated passengers will also not be able to access certain theatre shows that will be restricted to only vaccinated passengers.

Username: Gene Sloan

Twitter handle: @CruiseLog

Retweets: 5

Likes: 40

4. Cruise Fever’s tweet on Electronic Muster implemented by Carnival Cruise Line

Cruise Fever, a website covering news and updates on cruises, shared an article on Carnival Cruise Line implementing the Electronic Muster or E-Muster in place of the traditional Muster drill or safety exercise provided before boarding a ship. The E-Muster will enable Carnival to avoid large gatherings and allow passengers to complete the drill in their own time before a ship sails.

The E-Muster will be enabled through the Carnival HUB App, which will enable passengers to locate their muster station. Passengers will need to check-in at the muster chain once onboard the ship and watch the safety video from their room after check-in.

Username: Cruise Fever

Twitter handle: @CruiseFever

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5. Ken Muskat’s tweet on MSC Cruises’ plan to restart more than half of its fleet

Ken Muskat, EVP and chief operating officer at MSC Cruises USA, shared an article on the cruise line resuming operations with more than half of its fleet. The cruise line already restarted sailing from Italy and plans to have ten ships sailing by 01 August. All the ten ships will begin operating from Europe where government authorities have been favourable to the restart of cruising.

MSC Cruises’ initial plans for restart include three ships sailing in the Western Mediterranean including MSC Grandiosa, MSC Seaside and MSC Seashore and three in the Eastern Mediterranean including MSC Orchestra, MSC Splendida and MSC Magnifica. Another four ships will sail in Northern Europe including MSC Virtuosa, MSC Seaview, MSC Musica and MSC Preziosa.

Username: Ken Muskat

Twitter handle: @KenMuskat

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