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Lagersmit Sealing Solutions

Sealing Solutions for Pumps, Ships and Tidal Turbines


Founded in 1856, Lagersmit Sealing Solutions offers seals and maintenance services for maritime vessels.

With more than 40,000 seals installed, the company provides 24/7 services to a vast network of global clients, including propulsion manufacturers, shipowners and managers.

Stern tube and shaft seals for ships

The company provides Supreme plus seals, which enhance the quality and reliability of propulsion systems and keep vessels in consistent operation.

Supreme seals offer superior reliability, durability, an increased mean time between maintenance (MTBM), and a low total cost of ownership. They can be found in various applications such as conventional stern tubes, thrusters and pods.

Various options are developed to make Supreme seals ‘green and lean’. The Supreme Ventus & Supreme Athmos guarantee zero oil emissions, while the innovative HML fusion layer significantly increases the lifetime of a maritime liner.

Liquidyne pump shaft seals

The water-lubricated Liquidyne pump shaft seals offer a condition monitoring function. This makes the seal lifetime predictable, which enables enhanced control of the pumping process, avoids sudden pump failures, and increases the system’s MTBM.

In the maritime market, Liquidyne seals are applied on a various applications, such as jet water and dredging pumps.

Cutter suction dredger (CSD) solutions

Lagersmit Sealing Solutions offers special sealing solutions for cutter suction dredgers (CSDs), which are designed to safeguard cutter and pump gear machine rooms.

The seals are proven, highly reliable sealing solutions for 24/7 dredge operations. They are designed to maintain vessel operations, as well as enhance performance and reliability.

Environment-friendly, water-lubricated seals

Environmental regulations, such as the Vessel General Permit (VGP), are encouraging shipowners to change their oil from mineral to environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs), or retrofit their vessels with air type seals.

Lagersmit Sealing Solutions works to develop more environmentally friendly sealing solutions. The company’s water-lubricated FWD seal and floating seals are especially developed to prevent water leaking from open water-lubricated stern tube systems into machine rooms.

Maintenance, spare parts and retrofit services

Lagersmit Sealing Solutions delivers a complete package of seals for new-build applications and retrofit seals. Using its worldwide network of agents and service stations, the company delivers services and spare parts worldwide within 48 hours.

Lagersmit Sealing Solutions

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