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Composite Synthetic Marine Bearings

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Norden Maritime

Norden produces and supplies high-quality, low-friction composite materials to the marine, offshore and industrial sectors.

The company also supplies bearings to many offshore applications such as oil rigs, drill ships, FPSO turret bearings, drilling equipment, hatch cover pads, subsea equipment and decks.

Synthetic bearings for marine purposes

Norden’s marine bearings can be found in the following applications:

Norden Maritime specialises in composite bearings and components for the shipbuilding sector.
The company’s product range includes turret bearing segments.
The firm uses composite synthetic materials for enhanced durability and reliability.
  • Rudder bearings
  • Water-lubricated stern tube bearings
  • Hatch cover pads
  • Stern roller bearings
  • Stabiliser bearings
  • Cranes, winches and hoists
  • Chain stopper bushes
  • Fairleads bearings
  • Water-jet bucket bearings: easily machined, before being quickly fitted by liquid nitrogen. These durable bushes can be found on many of the world’s water jets

Bearings for shipbuilding applications

Norden’s type-approved, synthetic composite bearings are used in shipbuilding for rudders, water-lubricated stern tube bearings and many other applications. They are also type-approved for higher loads.

They incorporate solid lubricants for dry running to ensure outstanding wear life. Low swelling in seawater and reduced thermal expansion coefficient provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas.

The bearings do not corrode and the resistant housing tolerates both edge-loading and misalignment.

Norden 605 Marine composite material can be used in conjunction with water and grease lubrication.

Water-lubricated stern tube bearings

Norden’s Power Cut CM7 propeller shaft bearing system is DNV-GL type-approved and offers low-noise and vibration characteristics.

The company supplies a highly reliable water supply package. Regarding forward seal and propeller shaft coating, it cooperates with the leading international suppliers.

Composite synthetic materials

Norden’s 605 Marine composite synthetic material rarely swells in water, and features low-friction and high-load capabilities, making them the ideal choice for marine bearings.

The material offers a variety of advantages over traditional bearing materials, include easy freeze-fitting without becoming brittle, making it suitable for surface pressures ranging at 5.5 megapascals (MPa), 10MPa and 15MPa.

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