Oceanus Marine’s mission is to provide 24/7 professional, customised and real-time quality and technical services to the marine industry across the globe.

Located in Malta, right in the centre of the Mediterranean and at the cross-roads of major shipping lanes, Oceanus Marine is strategically positioned to provide independent marine inspections, surveys, repairs and technical consultancy services to the industry, including ship owners, ship management companies, shipping agents, oil and gas companies, and law firms in cases of litigation.

24/7 marine technical and repair services

With more than 25 years of international experience on ocean-going vessels, floating structures and fabricated components, our technical services and on-site repair teams are available 24/7 to render their assistance for both offshore and onshore assignments.

Our team of highly qualified superintendents, marine engineers, naval architects and certified ship surveyors have been credited to date with a number of high-profile surveys, technical consultancies, project management assignments, over 36 dry-dockings, several major and minor conversions on vessels and rigs, numerous cargo lines and segregated ballast system modifications, procurement and supply of ship parts and environmental protection services.

Ship management, training and support services.
Services include dry docking and repairs to both small and large vessels.
The company also provides tanker and hull conversions.
Yacht and ship repair services are available 24/7.
Oceanus Marine’s staff have extensive technical experience.

Oceanus Marine surveyors are appointed ship surveyors on behalf of Government of Malta (unrestricted), MCA ship surveys (restricted), INSB exclusive surveyors for Malta and North Africa and flag inspectors for the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Oceanus Marine is also an active member of SCMS, FEMAS, IMarEST, IET and MNA.

Vessel, super yacht, tug and supply boat surveys

Our certified and appointed surveyors are available on a 24/7 basis to render their assistance and conduct on-site surveys and inspections on a wide range of sea-going vessels, commercial superyachts, tugs and supply boats both in-port and offshore worldwide.

Dry docking services

Oceanus Marine prides itself on being able to manage multiple facets of the dry-docking process thanks to its extensive international experience.

Tanker and hull conversions

Oceanus Marine enjoys an excellent track record in the conversion of Aframax size single-hull to double-hull tankers and bunker tankers, major and minor modifications of hulls, cargo systems, ballast systems and machinery. Design, construction, commissioning and installation stages are managed by Oceanus Marine’s personnel and, when necessary, with specialised sub-contractors.

Heavy ship repairs

Oceanus Marine undertakes planning and supervision of ship repair works at various ship yards and offshore, in line with the ship owner’s instructions. We supervise a wide range of ship repair works from small to heavy tonnage vessels.

Ship management support services

Oceanus Marine is fully committed to assist the ship and yacht owner in providing reliable and prompt ship / yacht management support services, be they corporate, technical and / or crew management services.

Maritime training

Every successful organisation needs to take care of its most important asset, its people. Finding a training organisation that comprehends the needs of the marine industry and has the necessary competence and experience can be a difficult task.

Yacht and ship repairs

Oceanus Marine enjoys an excellent track record with yacht and ship owners and fleet managers in rendering a 24/7 dedicated and professional ship repair service to its clients. We strive to achieve this by providing constant supervision and attendance during repairs on board onshore and offshore laying vessels / yachts.

Vessel superintendence

Vessels require constant maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and safely, hence the superintendent’s role is of paramount importance and requires complete alertness and vigilance due to the great responsibilities bestowed upon him during ship repair periods.

Marine project management

Oceanus Marine manages multi-disciplinary projects across their entire lifecycle. Starting with the initial design phase, our teams use the latest technology to model detailed aspects of each project and our planning systems to ensure that we keep to schedule.

Shipping procurement and logistics

Oceanus Marine prides itself on working closely with its clients and its in-house engineering function to develop and procure major components, parts, systems and equipment for new-build projects and ship repairs, including offshore supply vessels, tug ships, tankers, commercial vessels and commercial yachts.

Our personnel have extensive in-depth engineering, procurement and logistics experience whereby they work closely with our preferred suppliers to ensure that we deliver on time, all the time, within budget and to the required specification.

Marine supplies

Thanks to its wide network of sub-contractors and service providers, Oceanus Marine provides ship and yacht owners and charterers with a wide range of dedicated services.

Environment protection services

Oceanus Marine provides an extensive portfolio of environmental protection services to its clients.

Services for the oil and gas industry

Oceanus Marine, together with its international associate companies, provides exceptional services to the oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore, including project management, procurement of personnel and manpower of all categories, competent in any type of work in all types of installations.