Calibration can be a requirement

It is usually required to have a valid calibration certificate for the measuring instruments on board a ship or in other places where engine service is carried out. The more frequently a measuring instrument is used, the higher the risk of wear, which may cause the accuracy of Prisma DI to deviate.

How often should the measuring instrument be calibrated?

Many electrical instruments are calibrated once a year. We understand that it can be inconvenient to send your Prisma DI devices to us that often. 

Statistics also show that devices that are sent in after three years are still in good condition and provide relatively high accuracy. Therefore, we have chosen to facilitate our customers by providing them with a calibration certificate that is valid for three years. 

So, the answer to the question is that Prisma DI should be calibrated once every three years.

Service and inspection of Prisma DI

When the measuring instrument is at our facility for calibration, we take the opportunity to inspect all extension bars, measuring tips, the cable, and the sensor, as well as perform a battery test to ensure that all accessories and spare parts are in good condition. 

If any part is in poor condition, we suggest replacing that part. These inspections are important for extending the lifespan of a Prisma DI device.

Sustainable handling of the measuring instrument

By calibrating and servicing the measuring instruments, we can contribute to a more sustainable resource management. A long-lasting measuring instrument reduces the need to extract new resources and is therefore more environmentally friendly.