Prismatibro is proud to introduce the Prisma DI-5C deflection indicator. With this device, users can now measure crankshaft deflections, then instantly save and transfer the measured data to Microsoft Excel for additional processing and evaluation.

The Prisma DI-5C is similar to its sister model, the DI-5, and has the same accuracy and functionality. Measurements are accurate to a thousandth of a millimeter, or one micrometer, which is approximately 70 times smaller than a human hair.  The main differences introduced by the DI-5C include the ability to save measurements and the ability to transfer the measurement data to a Windows-based computer.

Users can also combine the DI-5 with the Prisma DI Ovality kit to measure the ovality of cylinders.

For more information on the Prisma DI-5C or the Prisma DI Ovality kit, please follow the links on our profile.