Cable seal provider Roxtec launches the Roxtec ComSeal™ 30/6 – a lightweight seal for power cables going into converters, generators and cabinets. It is designed for up to six power cables in the range 28mm-43mm.

“The new Roxtec ComSeal 30/6 and the recently launched Roxtec ComSeal 15/3 make our compact seal product family complete. We can now help designers, manufacturers and contractors in many industries all over the world with flexible sealing solutions for cables from 3.5mm all the way up to 43mm,” says Robert Stubb, head of Wind Power Segment at Roxtec.

Light, adaptable modules

The new seal contains the new Roxtec CM 50 sealing modules. These are lighter than the classic Roxtec modules for large cables, but nevertheless equipped with Multidiameter™, the Roxtec solution for adaptability to cables of varying sizes based on removable layers. “This unique solution simplifies installation – both in plants and on site,” says Robert Stubb. The seal makes it easy to use pre-terminated power cables, which is important when you want to speed up production and avoid the risk of errors. Another benefit is the ability to seal openings before transportation of equipment and thereby ensure transportation protection. After arrival on site, the seal can be opened for cable routing.

Certified protection

The Roxtec ComSeal 30/6 is tested and approved for IP 55. It will also be released in an EMC version, approved for IP 54. The seal is supplied in kits and can be attached to the inside or outside of a structure for easy use in small spaces filled with equipment. For further information, please contact Roxtec.