Bury-based international safety seal firm Roxtec has signed another major deal to supply its products to the wind farm industry.

Swedish-owned Roxtec manufactures seals to protect electrical cables and pipes from a range of hazards including fire, flooding and explosion. It has signed a major deal with Stoke on Trent-based Converteam, which is making converters for the new generation of onshore wind farms across Europe. Converters form the heart of the internal workings of the wind turbine, transferring power to the national grid at a constant frequency.

Roxtec’s UK managing director Graham O’Hare said the deal is a terrific one to land, coming soon after it concluded a deal with Scottish and Southern Energy to supply the world’s biggest offshore wind farm Greater Gabbard, based off the North Sea.

“The energy sector generally is a key market for us and historically that has focused on oil and gas and nuclear,” he said. “However, the green sector is fast becoming a massive market for us too. To date we have been used in almost every offshore wind farm in Europe. So it is hugely satisfying to make serious in-roads into the onshore wind farm market too through this deal.”

“This will be a two or three year contract and again it demonstrates the quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our cable seal products. Roxtec’s products have to be of the highest quality because they are so critical to the functionality of the turbine. Our seals are helping prevent this equipment breaking down, which would cause enormous disruption to how the turbines feed into the national grid,” he added.

Mr O’Hare said Roxtec can provide a range of seals for a wide variety of uses in wind turbines including the generator system, the switch room, the converter, the tower, the nacelle, the transition pieces and the control cabinets.

“Roxtec is keen to work with mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers working in the green energy sector wanting to protect cables and pipes at the point they enter a wall, cabinet or structure,” he said.

Roxtec UK’s products can be found in a number of high-profile locations including the new Wembley Stadium, at Wimbledon’s Centre Court, and sealing electrical cables at Rolls Royce’s new jet engine testing centre in Derby.