SPE Australia provides effective preparation services for steel and concrete surfaces on cargo and passenger vessels.

Materials damaged from corrosion or chemical build-up must be prepared by blast-cleaning before being resurfaced with protective coatings.

Shot blasting surface preparation for the shipping industry

Shot blasting is ideal for removing paint, rust and other rough coatings from materials in need of resurfacing. Surfaces can be blasted to achieve SA2, SA2.5 or SA3 standards in preparation for finishing.

The company prides itself in having skilled knowledge of all equipment used in the preparation of surfaces, as well as having expert technicians that can efficiently carry out the shot blasting process ready for the new materials to be applied.

SPE Australia prepares steel, concrete and asphalt ship materials for resurfacing.
Captive shot blasting is the ideal method for removing surface finishes without creating mess around the ship.
SPE Australia can finish surfaces to meet SA2, SA2.5, or SA3 shot blasting standards.
Shot blasting is an effective method of preparing ship surfaces for further treatment.
Ship surfaces need to be prepared through shot blasting for protective coatings to be effective.

Captive shot blasting of ship surfaces

Captive shot blasting removes corrosion and failed coatings from surfaces without polluting the surrounding area and protecting the environment.

Surface hand tools are available to prepare awkward areas that captive shot blasting machinery cannot access.

Corrosion removal for steel marine vessels

Steel marine vessels need to be preserved to protect the metal from corrosion and the build-up of contaminants.

Metal surfaces need to be maintained to avoid causing damage to the vessels from seawater, oil and adverse weather conditions.

SPE Australia offers services to remove corroded materials and failed coatings from cargo vessels and passenger ships.  The company also provides surface preparation for naval frigates, destroyers and ship hangars.

Dockside concrete and asphalt shot blasting

SPE Australia prepares concrete and asphalt surfaces along with steel, allowing the company to perform surface preparation solutions dockside.

Anti-slip surfaces need to be preserved by the dockside where wet concrete and asphalt can affect health and safety.

Shot blasting can create a textured surface to provide grip for vehicles operating on the dockside.

Specialist surface preparation tools for shipping compounds

Some surfaces need replacing on a regular basis such as protective waterproof coatings. Before it can be replaced, the material must be prepared for resurfacing.

Surfaces must be primed correctly for effective results. SPE Australia has all the resources to prepare steel and concrete surfaces within the shipping industry.

SPE Australia has a range of equipment powered by either electricity, petrol or gas to prepare surfaces while meeting environmental or customer requirements.

Horizontal captive blasting techniques for ship hulls and decks

SPE Australia has experience of preparing ship hulls, decks, and steel bridges where horizontal steel surfaces need priming.

Other horizontal shot blasting can be carried out on helidecks, oil rig platforms and storage tanks.

The company has the equipment and experience to perform the preparation of most surfaces efficiently to meet customer requirements, working alongside surface finishing contractors.