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Marine Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic Power Packs

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Beetz HYDRAULIK’s core competence is the production of marine hydraulic cylinders, but our team also has extensive knowledge about hydraulic power packs. We can therefore deliver whole hydraulic systems to marine customers.

Maritime hydraulic cylinders

We provide hydraulic cylinders meeting the highest standards for the marine industry. We can supply different materials and coatings, meaning our maritime hydraulic cylinders are suitable for all applications. Of lightweight construction, they are also explosion-proof to ATEX standard.

Our range of maritime hydraulic cylinders and accessories includes:

  • Single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders
  • Single and double-acting telescopic cylinders
  • Adjustable or fix cushioning
  • High-pressure, single-stage, long-stroke hydraulic cylinders
  • Electronic stroke sensors
  • Electronic position sensors
  • Integrated counterbalance valves
  • Integrated direction valves
  • Accumulators
  • Special rod coating for marine environments
  • Standard or stainless-steel hand pumps

Corrosion-resistant marine cylinders

Beetz HYDRAULIK offers a huge variety of ways to make a cylinder corrosion-resistant. Different rod coatings, different paintings or all parts made in stainless-steel (1.4460) or a mix should help to find a solution for any customer-specification application.

Beetz HYDRAULIK's core competence is the production of marine hydraulic cylinders.
Power pack with tank around motor-pump unit, specially designed for a test bench (very quiet and compact).
We provide hydraulic cylinders meeting the highest standards for the marine industry.
Beetz HYDRAULIK offers a huge variety of ways to make marine cylinders corrosion-resistant.
All marine cylinders are based on a standard programme, but if needed are optimally designed for the customer's application.

Custom-made hydraulic cylinders

All cylinders are based on a standard programme, but if needed are optimally designed for the customer’s application. Especially if the cylinder is to be integrated into an older system, we are able to produce a 1:1 copy of the overall dimensions and interfaces.

Our focus is customer satisfaction. Our customers will be involved from the beginning of the design, so our employees are informed about the end user’s products, creating a strong bond necessary to ensure high quality and punctuality of delivery.

Ranging in piston diameter from 25mm to 380mm (maximum of 1,000mm on request), our cylinders are provided with custom mounts with special rod ends, unique porting arrangements and integrated safety features.

Beetz HYDRAULIK develops your individual product with trans-sectoral competence. Standardised components allow the economic production of individual solutions. The integration of interface connections saves time during commissioning. Diverse product types require maximum flexibility; therefore our employees are in charge of your product throughout the complete production cycle.

An intensive customer service is the key to the common success. We provide individual solutions, just in time.

Engineering and servicing for maritime hydraulic cylinders

We are proud of having high-quality, long-serving employees. That means a permanent contact and thereby more value for our customer.

We can provide strong engineering from the initial idea to the final solution. We often assist our clients in the early proposal phase, which allows a fast response time for procurement. Together with our worldwide partners, we are able to give you service and support. No matter where you are located on the globe, quick and unique service is available.

Our marine cylinders are used for the following applications:

  • Marine cranes
  • Dock cranes
  • Mooring and tensioning systems
  • Linear jacks
  • Oil rig skidding systems
  • Mast raising systems
  • Drill floor raising systems

ISO-qualified hydraulic cylinders

At Beetz HYDRAULIK, quality is the responsibility of each individual. All cylinders are 100%-tested and all equipment monitored to the highest ISO standards.

Beetz HYDRAULIK’s quality system is registered under ISO 9001:2008 standards and products can also be designed to meet the standards of Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register or other specifications.

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