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Customised Decorative Project Lighting for the Cruise Industry

Cristallux develops, designs, manufactures, and installs exclusive and custom decorative lighting fixtures for cruise ships.


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For over 60 years, Cristallux has developed, designed, manufactured, and installed exclusive decorative lighting fixtures. With its many years of experience, the company knows exactly what it takes to provide quality products and meet the specific requirements and safety regulations set out by public building industries. By working closely together with designers, planners, and interior architects, and hotel fitting companies, Cristallux has established itself as the first choice for high quality and outstanding project lighting for hotels, cruise ships, and more.

Bespoke lighting fixtures for cruise ships

Cristallux aims to work with clients to understand their thoughts and wishes in order to plan, develop, design, budget, and manufacture luminaries, lighting objects, and artworks that meet any client requirements. Thanks to its specialised metal, mould, wood, and paint shop, Cristallux can offer clients full service packages that cover everything from the designing initial ideas, to delivering the completed product.

Sustainable alternative cruise ship lighting

Alternative materials are becoming more and more important in the shipping industry as a way to reduce waste. In addition to being recyclable, alternative materials are also more durable and cost efficient, compared to traditional materials.

Alamar lighting by Cristallux is the answer. Alamar is Cristallux’s very own specialised material that is produced and manufactured in-house produced material for its customised project lighting. Alamar is manufactured without any waste, as all cut-offs during the production process are broken down into a granular base form and re-used in the next production cycle. The company has achieved full circularity with Alamar, giving it up to four lifetimes in-house, before it is then sold to the automotive industry for injection moulding. It is 100% recyclable and companies may, when doing a re-fit project, give the old fixtures back to Cristallux, where they will then be reused again to bring new projects to life.

In addition to the environmental advantages, Alamar comes with many other great benefits and is the perfect alternative to natural materials such as marble, other stone variations, or glass, which can be highly cost inefficient or bear the risk of being too fragile for larger fixtures (both in regards to translucent lighting fixtures). Almar can be used to create the exact look and feel of marble or crystal glass and its texture and colouring can be adjusted according to client specifications. Cristallux produces Alamar from scratch, meaning it can be customised in many different ways to complement various furniture types. Alamar gives the exact look and feel of marble or crystal glass. However, its main advantage is that its texture and colour can be altered according to the clients’ wishes to compliment a range of different materials.

Cristallux’s factory is based in The Black Forest in Germany. It is equipped with the latest computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, as well as three dimensional CNC-cutting machinery, laser and 3D printing systems, and various mould shops. This advanced production facility allows single units and larger orders to be manufactured economically to suit specific client requirements. Each product leaves the factory with a ‘Made in Germany’ seal to guarantee its quality and authenticity. All products also come with a global warranty.

Cruise ship lighting fixture installation

Cristallux also provides installation services for its lighting fixtures. Installations are carried out by in-house experts who are also familiar with the manufacturing process. This means that they know exactly how to guarantee customer satisfaction to meet Cristallux’s standards and deliver a high quality final product.

About Cristallux

Cristallux was founded by Wolfgang Arnold in 1963 and sold to Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke (NSW) in 1979. ​In 1988, Horst Schindler took over the business, before passing it to Thomas and Heike Schindler in 1998.

Since 2019, Sarah and Olaf Schindler have been the third generation of the Schindler family involved in Cristallux. Together, they have strengthened existing relationships, as well as building new ones, with interior fitting companies, architects, and designers to help serve clients in the hospitality industry. They have also introduced new products and invested in key facilities to secure a stable position in the international lighting market.

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    Cristallux developed its very own thermo-plastic material, ALAMAR.

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