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Shipbuilding Welding and Cutting Products

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At ESAB we supply all types of welding and cutting products for shipbuilding, including machinery, supplies and accessories.

MIG, TIG, MMA and SAW welding equipment and cutting equipment

ESAB offers a complete line of MIG, TIG, MMA and SAW welding equipment as well as all the filler metals – from cored wires to covered electrodes – you need to complete the job. ESAB also specialises in a full line of cutting equipment, from small handheld plasma units to large gantry cutters used to construct aircraft carriers.

Shipbuilding welding and cutting equipment

The latest generation of equipment for manual welding and cutting can be programmed with specific process preferences of your individual choice or for the actual welding processes. Based on a solid-state power source, this manual welding and cutting equipment weighs just one-eightieth of its 70-year-old ancestors but has more power.

Our plasma cutting equipment enables you to quickly and accurately cut all types of metals.

Our plasma cutting equipment enables you to quickly and accurately cut all types of metals.
ESAB has many years' experience of mechanised welding and welding automation.
ESAB is one of the world's leading manufacturers of welding consumables.
We can provide thermal, non-contact cutting systems.

Shipbuilding welding automation equipment

Welding automation gives advantages such as higher quality, improved capacity and higher productivity in the form of more welded goods per time unit, as well as improved working environment and work content for the welder.

At ESAB we have many years’ experience of mechanised welding and welding automation. Over the years we have supplied a large number of automated welding systems and welding applications, everything from small mechanised welding systems – such as a Miggytrac welding trolley for length welding – up to very complex and highly efficient applications such as friction stir welding machines for forging together large aluminium tanks for space rockets.

For ESAB, there is no job too large or too small in our quest to find the best automation solution for our customers. At the same time, continuous development of welding processes and equipment for more efficient automation is underway within ESAB.

Please feel free to contact us for an initial assessment on how we can assist you in your quest for more efficient welding.

Welding consumables

ESAB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of welding consumables. Our range of consumables, which includes covered electrodes, cored wires, solid wires, TIG rods, strips and fluxes, covers all your needs for all types of welding.

Packaging is also being developed to make handling even more rational for the customer. MARATHON PAC™ and VacPac™ are excellent examples in this particular context.

Thermal, non-contact cutting systems

ESAB Cutting Systems is part of the ESAB group, and is responsible for the development, production, marketing and servicing of machines, plants, systems and components for thermal, non-contact cutting of many different types of materials.

From Karben at Frankfurt/Main in Germany, we supply customers in almost every country of the world with innovative ideas and tried-and-tested solutions that guarantee optimal productivity for the customer. With our own plant in Malu, China, we are also able to meet the rapidly growing demands of the market in the Far East.

A wealth of experience in cutting engineering over more than 70 years, the global ESAB sales network and the rapid technology transfer within the company are the considerable advantages from which every customer can profit directly.

With ESAB Cutting Systems as your partner, you may be confident that your own particular cutting problems will be provided with the perfect solution.


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