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Low-Cost International SIM Cards for Shipping Personnel

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Ship personnel and travellers can reduce their mobile phone charges by up to 85% when roaming overseas with GeoSIM international SIM cards.

Business is now global and – despite the development of online meetings and web conferences – still needs to be done face to face. Travel for business is increasingly the norm and keeping in touch with sales teams, project managers, the office and home is paramount but can be costly when using a mobile phone.

Those working in the offshore or shipping industry travel often and can regularly run up large corporate or personal mobile phone bills. GeoSIM can significantly reduce these bills, allowing personnel and companies to regain control of their mobile phone expenditure.

International SIM cards for mobile phones

GeoSIM can be used for voice, SMS and roaming data and offers free incoming calls in more than 65 countries. Extensive global coverage is ensured in over 200 countries on over 550 global and local networks. GeoSIM multi IMSI technology (dual number) allows free incoming calls in the US and Canada, and UK and US numbers to be assigned to the SIM card.

GeoSIM can reduce your international mobile phone bills by 85%.
Our international SIM cards offer exceptional call quality and reliability, and are chosen by professional and leisure travellers all over the world.
With GeoSIM you can keep in touch with your sales team and project managers without the costly phone bill.
GeoSIM offers free incoming calls in more than 65 countries and works in over 200 countries on over 550 networks around the world.

Our international SIM cards offer exceptional call quality and reliability, and are chosen by professional and leisure travellers all over the world. GeoSIM has also featured on the BBC’s The One Show, a leading UK consumer TV show.

Global SIM cards with free roaming

GeoSIM Global SIM is easy to use and works in the vast majority of unlocked handsets. The SIM will automatically lock onto the strongest GSM mobile phone network and be ready to make and receive calls.

In addition to voice, SMS and data, all SIM accounts have a suite of versatile advanced features that make staying in touch when travelling stress-free and cost-effective. Features such as voicemail to email, global call forwarding / divert, online real time call logs / billing and PC initiated calling.

International SIM card benefits for the shipping industry

GeoSIM offers the following key benefits for professionals in the shipping and offshore industry:

  • 76% average savings (compared with the four major UK providers)
  • No roaming charges
  • Real-time billing
  • Group SIMs to one master account from which they can all draw credit
  • Additional savings on calls between GeoSIMs
  • Uses existing GSM networks
  • High-quality ‘Tier 1’ carriers for crystal clear calls
  • 24/7 top-up facility
  • No contracts, monthly charges or connection fees
  • Download itemised call log for expenses
  • Online call records and GeoSIM account easily managed by your admin staff

About GeoSIM

GeoSIM is distributed by Geodesa, a UK registered company established in 2002. Geodesa is a market leader in roaming charge reduction and international SIM card distribution and services.

White Papers

  • GeoSIM's Global SIM Card User Guide

    GeoSIM develops international SIM cards for use in the shipping industry, saving businesses and travellers up to 85% on their mobile phone charges when roaming overseas.

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