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Engine and Turbine Control, Monitoring and Protection Equipment for Marine Power Generation and Propulsion

Governor Control Systems (GCS) specializes in the design, installation, service, and repair of engine and turbine control, monitoring and protection equipment for marine power generation and propulsion.

3101 SW 3rd Avenue,
Fort Lauderdale,
FL 33315,
United States of America
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Governor Control Systems, Inc. (GCS) specializes in the design, installation, service, and repair of engine and turbine control, monitoring and protection equipment for marine power generation and propulsion. GCS is the largest service and engineering facility in the Woodward distributor network, offering 24/7 service, backed by a comprehensive inventory of Woodward parts and exchange governors.

We are headquartered in Florida, US, with authorized facilities on the Gulf Coast and the Mid-Atlantic as well as a network of partners throughout the Americas. GCS is part of the MSHS Group of companies, providing turnkey solutions for rotating and reciprocating equipment in marine and land-based power applications.

Global service and support for electrical and mechanical control systems

GCS minimizes downtime through routine maintenance to improve prime mover performance and avoid critical, costly breakdowns. Factory-trained technicians inspect, service, test and calibrate electrical and mechanical control systems at our GCS authorized service centers or in the field.

Using portable test stands, we provide on-site service and repairs to meet your demanding schedule and exact requirements, wherever needed. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot your problems in real-time.

Factory-trained GCS technicians overhaul and repair mechanical Woodward Governors. GCS offers in-house and portable test stands for mechanical governor service and repair.
GCS offers a comprehensive schedule of Woodward training classes, incorporating hands-on training and dedicated training facilities.
GCS Engineering designs and commissions complex control systems for marine and land-based power applications.
Incorporating the latest in control technology, systems engineered by GCS improve efficiency and extend the life of installed equipment.

GCS maintains the largest inventory of governor cores ready to be customized to specific requirements. A factory-certified warranty is included with all Woodward, TDI and Schaller exchanges.

GCS keeps our customers’ equipment operating at peak performance, minimizing downtime.

OEM expertise and parts for electrical and mechanical control and monitoring equipment

From new system design and installation to routine and critical breakdown service and repair, GCS factory-trained technicians support electrical and mechanical control and monitoring equipment. GCS carries an unmatched inventory of spares, new controls and exchanges for:

Woodward control and monitoring equipment

GCS provides the following services for Woodward equipment:

  • Innovative energy control and optimization solutions to maximize energy efficiency, reliability and quality, fuel flexibility, and reduced emissions
  • Engine and turbine electrical, digital and mechanical control systems, power management products and recognized retrofits

TDI air starters

TDI air starters are proven in the world’s harshest, most demanding environments. These pre-engaged and inertia-engaged starters have a high power output, are lubricated for life and lightweight.

DYNALCO instrumentation for the shipping industry

Intrinsically safe, class approved instrumentation
Tachometers, speed switches, sensors, gauges, scanners, and magnetic pickups

DCL Emissions Controls catalytic converters

DCL Emissions Controls’ catalytic converters reduce engine exhaust and emissions, including NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, formaldehydes and particulates. The QUICK-LID design offers gasket-less sealing, easy installation and maintenance.

Kral Fuel metering systems

Kral Fuel metering systems provide extremely accurate fuel measurements to control costs. Real-time measurement at both idle and full load, the metering systems are designed for engines 300kW and up, with a flow range of 0.03gpm – 2,000gpm.

Schaller oil mist detectors

Schaller oil mist detectors are robust and fast-acting; engine shutdown within seconds to prevent major damage; mandatory on engines over 2,250kW of 300mm cylinder diameter. They are ABS and USCG approved; over 40,000 installed.

Basler AVRs and excitation

Basler AVRs and excitation improve and optimize generator system performance, and are flexible, reliable, high performance and rugged.

Spinner oil cleaning centrifuges

Spinner oil cleaning centrifuges are simple to service with a rugged construction, and provide dependable and trouble-free performance. The powerful oil cleaning removes soot and fine contaminants.

Power and propulsion control system upgrades for marine and industrial projects

The GCS engineering team has extensive experience providing power and propulsion control systems for all sizes of prime movers. GCS designs effective and innovative solutions for a broad range of marine and industrial projects. Field-proven designs are individualized to meet application-specific requirements.

From standard products to custom software, GCS application engineers specialize in the latest control and monitoring solutions, protection system modernizations, and programming requirements.

Installing new control systems reduces the amount of smoke during engine start-ups, which is an important feature for cruise vessels that sail in areas where fines may be imposed due to excessive smoke during start-up.

GCS has broad experience in the design and installation of integrated control systems for all marine environments and welcomes the opportunity to share specific case studies on request.

Governor Control Systems: adding value with experience and innovation

On the work bench or on-site, GCS provides unmatched service and experience in leading control and monitoring solutions. With proven experience from service and repair of mechanical and electrical governors to complete systems upgrades incorporating digital controls, HMIs and programming, GCS is your partner for the life of your control system.

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Governor Control Systems, Inc.
3101 SW 3rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale
FL 33315
United States of America

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