Inter-Marine is a one-stop-shop for a vast variety of ship discipline and engineering chandlery products and services.

We specialise in servicing and supporting shipping within the South Pacific region and have the capability to extend those services worldwide. Our management team understands the critical timeframes for supplies and services presented to the cruise shipping industry and we thrive on meeting those challenges.

Main engine room products and services

We provide a wide range of products and services for ships’ main engine rooms. In-house, qualified and specialist technicians with shipping experience and chandlery supplies are backed by a seven-days-a-week purchasing team.

Our products and services for ships’ main engine rooms include:

Our services for engine room include HVAC refrigeration chiller repairs.
We provide a wide range of products and services for ship deck engineering.
Our services for public-area decks include safety rail installation.
We offer a variety of services and products for ship galleys.
  • Main HVAC refrigeration chiller repairs
  • Refrigeration plant repairs
  • Supplementary cooling systems
  • New cool / freezer rooms
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger retubing
  • Refrigerated air dryer system repairs
  • Pump fitting and repairs
  • Pipe heat treatment
  • NDT testing
  • Eddy current magnetic analysis
  • Electrical motor overhauls and laser alignment
  • Ventilation / exhaust systems
  • Supply of engineering spares and consumables
  • Bilge oily-water content meters’ calibration and certification
  • Marinfloc oily water separators
  • Engineering surveys and consultancy
  • Specialist fabrication

Ship deck engineering

Our range of products and services for ship deck engineering includes AHU refurbishment, heat-exchanger coil replacement, ventilation / exhaust systems, ducting / trunking repairs, fire dampers, air balancing and internal duct cleaning.

We provide qualified specialist technicians for these services, and can also procure specialist contractors that will be project-managed by experienced team leaders.

Deck public-area servicing

Our services for public-area decks on ships include shop-fitting and glazing, external window cleaning / treatment (abseiling), tiling, carpentry, plumbing, painting, safety rail installation and security-locking mechanism installation.

Our own versatile service team can carry out these tasks, or if necessary we can procure specialists for particular job requirements.

Galley, bar, pantry and mess room products and services

We provide a range of services and products for galleys, bars, pantries and mess rooms, including:

  • USPH stainless-steel works
  • Refrigerated cabinets, door seals and hardware
  • Main ovens
  • Blast chillers
  • Bar mix / beer glycol systems
  • Food prep and cooking equipment replacements
  • Stainless-steel tables, cabinets and shelving
  • Hotlines and plate warmers
  • General tig welding and aluminium fabrication
  • Provision door refurbishments
  • Total door refurbishments

These are carried out by our service team, and manufacturing and fabrication are closely managed to ensure quality control and rapid delivery.

About Inter-Marine

We are a preferred and referred contractor to the Australian Department of Naval Defence, and have authorised, multi-skilled sub-agencies in Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Singapore.

We are the certified South Pacific region agent for Vitality Foodservice Corporation and Total Marine Services. Vitality’s dispensing products are installed on-board approximately 90% of the world’s cruise ships. Total Marine Services provides service and certification for bilge over-board discharge, OCM meter monitoring and oil separation systems, as well as white box and control equipment that meets stringent international EPA laws.