Share MOBILE has launched its latest Android smartphone for ATEX Zone 1/21. Under the motto "we have understood", the technology leader in the field of explosion-proof communication technology, i.safeMOBILE, has released a unit that meets all the requirements of a lone worker.

The base of the device is an Android smartphone for ATEX Zone 1/21. This model is the most advanced in its class and the handling is very familiar to users of the private sphere. In addition, it not only meets the requirements for explosion protection, but is also available without this particular protection class as a pure outdoor smartphone.

Highly-efficient combination of individual features

The INNOVATION 2.0 is equipped with dual sim, thus, two phone cards can be used at the same time in one device and the smartphone continues to support the push-to-talk (PTT) function. PTT is a data service that forwards a voice message over GPRS, WiFi, UMTS or LTE to a server service. This data stream is sent from there to one or more recipients, thus, a group call is covered. The device uses a side function button like a conventional radio. The device also features an incredible range, despite only requiring GSM reception.

GPS tracking and lone worker protection

GPS tracking and lone worker protection are standard implements of the GPS receiver and software for the emergency functionality in INNOVATION 2.0. These can be configured to automatically dial an alarm chain in an emergency. In addition, the device also features a digital camera, data acquisition, Outlook, and a five megapixel digital camera. Images are made quickly and can then be sent directly from the device, which is helpful if there are complicated issues to be resolved on site.

Connections to a mobile device management (MDM) data system can be securely encrypted to and from Outlook and you are always up to date with regards to e-mails, appointments and contacts.

The camera captures all types of barcodes and the NFC reader on the back of the device allows the detection of chips that are insensitive to contamination. The 3.2in HVGA display allows optimum operation. Connection to a CISCO client is also possible on the INNOVATION 2.0 device, which allows for video conferences. When not connected to a WiFi network the device will use GSM, so the smartphone can be used as an extension to the main telephone and allow the user to always be available.

The INNOVATION 2.0 integrates all requirements of the industry in a smartphone device of only 245g weight, with all modern communication demands of the industry covered.