International maritime industry is currently dealing with a number of various challenging issues, and SMM is regarded as a great location not only for discussion, but also for innovative technical solutions from around the world. This year one of the major themes at the exhibition will be the digitalisation of processes and immediate availability of information. In this context, Martechnic® will present its new test kit Iron Check E; an electronic version of the proved measurement method of iron content in cylinder drain oil.

The test kit Iron Check E is designed for regular use directly on site and enables vessel operators to effectively asses the condition of cylinder drain oil in the light of the challenging issue of cold corrosion in two-stroke marine diesel engines. The existing practices of slow-steaming and partial loads of vessels lead to lower operating temperatures of engines and formation of sulfuric acids. When the cylinder components are constantly affected by acid action, the phenomenon of cold corrosion and consequently gradual engine wear occurs.

Owing to the semi-automatic test procedure, the Iron Check E enables precise measurement of the concentration of iron (total and / or corrosive) in cylinder drain oil samples and digital readout of test results. After a quick manual preparation of oil samples, they are placed into two chambers of the test device for automatic heating and measuring by means of the built-in chroma meter with LED-transmitted light source. The measured value of iron concentration ranging up to 1,100mg/kg will be shown on the display and then automatically saved.