For upgrading, and for a continuous assessment of iron content in lube oil, the FE Sensor can be applied in the MT Modular Monitoring System from Martechnic®.

The iron content sensor is screwed into the oil line directly and connected with a datalogger, storing and evaluating the data. Metal friction is determined, stored and analysed reliably.

The smallest particles affect slide faces, damaging them, producing further particles (a metal-metal-contact during the cold starting). The particle contamination causes an intense wear in gear boxes. While accessing on the approved principle of magnetic screw, the FE Sensor concentrates on ferromagnetic particles and is immune to disturbances such as vibration and has a high sensitivity.

The condition evaluation is done automatically, with no manual inspection or sample-taking necessary.

The iron particles on the sensor surface, which were charged over a specific period, are determined in grams. A step response occurs immediately when a particle with a size of 1mm adheres.

Permanent wear monitoring is essential for reducing operational costs and avoiding breakdowns.

Mr Frank Herholdt said: "With regard to the crucial characteristics of lube oil a further step to complete oil monitoring is done."