‘MBM OFFSHORE VESSEL 1’ is an ongoing project that is generating high interest due to the change in focus of the maritime market.

The project generated from MBM has been primarily undertaken at MBM Consultancy office. The future for this project is to collaborate with external specialists in the market. This will enable the project to acquire diverse knowledge in specialised fields and as such the vessel can be presented as a fully feasible and financially practical investment.

Stage one of the MBM OFFSHORE VESSEL project included the following activities:

  • Undertaking an initial market review to define the current potential market
  • Projected cargo and market review to define future market, and sectors
  • Designing an optimised hull form to allow the vessel to have minimum motion in high wave heights, so that it can outperform current vessels and increase operational activities
  • Bow design and optimisation
  • Deck structural strength analysis
  • Designing an innovative Internal steel structure to reduce build costs, lightship, and increase deadweight capacity
  • Design an automated loading / discharge mechanism for heavy cargo
  • Vessel and machinery weight estimations
  • Define offshore working capacity
  • Continuous review with DNV/GL, IMO, flagging for rules and regulations
  • Confirm ‘walk to work’ operations in offshore sea conditions
  • Confirm vessel suitability for a helipad
  • Weather motion studies
  • Stability evaluation in loaded, lightship, operational, accident conditions
  • Longitudinal/ transversal strength
  • Generating initial vessel design drawings
  • Defining potential machinery list and layout for build specifications
  • Calculate vessels power requirements
  • Assessing build options with potential shipyards to determine cost analysis of production, build costs, operational costs, running costs, estimated day rate, to gain a potential return of investment (ROI) review

MBM is to participate either internally or as a partnering company in the following areas:

  • Advanced hull form CFD
  • Pneumatics
  • Investment and investment management
  • Structural research and development
  • Electronic hardware and software development