Pole Star, the leading provider of fleet management, ship security and vessel monitoring solutions to the maritime industry, has launched a new tablet-optimised website. The sleek and minimalist design offers Pole Star’s customers a simpler and more intuitive way to access information about its wide range of products and services.

Pole Star employed a ‘user-first’ philosophy to guide the design process, and the result is a user-friendly website that provides a quick route to high-relevance information. "We designed the new website using the same principles we apply to the development of our applications: usability, accessibility and availability. HTML-5 and CSS technology allowed us to build a website that’s optimised for tablets, laptops, and mobile viewing, yet scalable for traditional PC monitors," said Chris Bryant, art director at Pole Star. "The new design is a preview of what’s to come."

Pole Star joins the ranks of companies like Maersk, BP and Teekay that have embraced the web as a tool for communicating effectively with customers, staff and the media. "There is a perception that internet presence and engagement in social media is not valuable for B2B’s in the maritime sector. We don’t buy that," said Jeff Douglas, chief technology officer at Pole Star.

"We’re a leading technology company, and we believe that by connecting with our customers online, on PC’s, laptops, tablets and mobiles, via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our new website, we can deliver the engaging, easily understandable information customers need to make informed decisions."

Reflecting the merger of Pole Star Space Applications, Absolute Software and Absolute Maritime Tracking Services in October 2011, the new website integrates the group’s separate websites (polestarglobal.com, purplefinder.com, absolutesw.com, absolutemaritime.com and lrit.com) to provide a single port of call for information about its brands, products and services.

Divided into three sections, the Retina-optimised website delivers detailed but accessible information about Pole Star’s commercial marine, government and fisheries solutions and offers hardware recommendations from its growing range of transceivers. A new and improved ‘where to buy’ page allows customers to find a Pole Star office, approved distributor or approved service centre close to their location, and get in touch with contact details, email addresses and a location map.