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Watertight Bulkhead Sliding Door

Tebul Oy,
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Tebul Oy,
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Tebul is dedicated to providing watertight bulkhead sliding door systems for ship manufacturers all over the world.

Watertight sliding bulkhead doors

Our current generation of sliding bulkhead doors is an outstanding demonstration of Tebul’s innovative engineering skill, featuring a unique sealing system which significantly reduces the risk of distortion compared to other conventional bulkheads. We are the technology leader in electric door systems, and specialise in bulkhead doors designed for super yachts, cruise liners and other high-class vessels.

Sliding bulkhead doors for cruise ships, super yachts and offshore applications

Tebul’s range of watertight sliding doors is designed for numerous applications, including:

  • Standard watertight sliding door modules for cruise ships
  • Slimline versions specially for super yachts and other specialist vessels
  • Offshore applications for extreme conditions

All Tebul doors are manufactured in accordance with the latest SOLAS regulations.

Electric self-tightening watertight sliding doors

Tebul’s latest bulkhead door range includes 24V electric, double-seated, self-tightening watertight sliding doors. The advantages these doors have over their conventional counterparts include:

  • A compact unit ready to be installed
  • No re-tightening means less cost
  • Minimum risk of distortion
  • Silent operation

Tebul doors are approved to be installed into A-60 bulkheads and are also available in the Eex-version for hazardous areas that are prone to explosions.

Bulkhead door parts and services

It is our policy to provide spare parts and maintenance for our products. Our service engineers are available for checking, testing and installing our products, and can provide onsite support to vessels on shipping lanes all over the world.

We have established a long experience in supplying spare parts and service to ships sailing all over the world, with an exemplary level of customer satisfaction. Tebul aftersales also covers the service and spares for watertight bulkhead sliding doors and steering gears made by Wartsila.

About Tebul

Tebul was established in 1942 for the production of hydraulic machinery and equipment for the shipbuilding and other industry. Our first ship steering gear was delivered in 1952, and our first watertight bulkhead doors in 1961. Today watertight bulkhead sliding doors form Tebul’s core product line.

The company was merged with Wärtsilä in 1964, and emerged as an independent company again in 1988 following the reorganisation of the former Wärtsilä Marine activities. The present company structure was established in 1992.

Tebul Releases New White Paper

Tebul has released a new white paper which offers further information on its watertight bulkhead sliding door systems. The company was established in 1942 for the production of hydraulic machinery and equipment for the shipbuilding and other industry. Tebul’s first ship stee


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