The Robert H. Wager Company, founded in 1933, spans 79 years of service to the maritime industry. We offer our customers a full range of services, from design and manufacture to sales and service of vent check valves and deck equipment.

Inverted vent check valves

We stock a full line of rugged marine valves designed to withstand the harsh environments found at sea. Our inverted vent check valve mounts to a gooseneck pipe, allowing for ventilation in the open position, and our patented float design prevents contamination of the tank cargo by saltwater during heavy seas.

When in port during loading or unloading cargo, our vent valves provide the necessary protection from pressure build-up on bulkheads and tanks. We stock galvanized steel, stainless steel, bronze and aluminum valves. Our inverted vent checks are ABS approved.

Vertical vent check valves

Our vertical vent check valve mounts directly to the vent piping on the deck, and provides a tight seal to prevent water from entering the lower bulkheads. Our high-density polyethylene disc float seals tightly to prevent water from entering the tank. Additional options include manual closures and dual outlet covers. Available materials are galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. All of Wager’s vertical vent check are ABS approved.

Wager’s ABS approved inverted vent checks are cast in galvanized steel, bronze, or aluminum, and may be purchased with or without covers. Float materials are stainless steel, copper, monel or polyethylene.
Wager’s vertical valves allow for ventilation in the open position, and disc style float protects tanks and bulkheads in the closed position. Available in steel and aluminum. ABS approved.
The horizontal valve mounts in the line and allows for ventilation in the open position, while protecting tanks and bulkheads in the closed position. Available in stainless steel only.
Wager’s odor control vent valve was designed for black and grey water holding tanks. A media canister scrubs offensive H2S gas at the site. Available in 4in and 6in flanged.
Deck drains are cast in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and each has a removable cast bronze strainer plate (stainless steel optional). Drains are available as standard, heavy-wall or flanged.

In-line vent check valves

Our in-line vent check valves mount vertically or horizontally in areas that are not accessible to deck mounts, and are best used where venting is required and aesthetics are essential. Vertical in-line valves are available in galvanized steel, bronze and aluminum. Our horizontal vent checks have been designed to oil rig specifications and are available in stainless steel only.

Odor control vent valves

Wager’s marine odor control vent valve is designed to allow for ventilation of black and grey water tanks while providing necessary odor control at the tank’s location. The valve connects to a gooseneck pipe, or can also be vertically mounted on the ship’s deck with a rain shield.

A media canister containing 12lbs of odor controlling media scrubs the air before it is expelled into the atmosphere. Media pellets are engineered to be highly effective in removing H2S gas, and are non-toxic and landfill disposable. The valve is available in 4in or 6in flanged connections, with the additional option of metric flanges.

Deck drains

Wager stocks three variations of deck drains: standard, stainless steel, and heavy-wall. Our standard version has a removable cast bronze strainer plate. Commercial vessels and yachts may order highly polished stainless-steel strainer plates for a more pleasing aesthetic.

Our heavy-wall deck drains are available in both straight and angled configurations. A cast bronze strainer with trap and baffle allows for drainage while preventing sewer gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

Stainless steel sounding tubes

Wager’s stainless-steel sounding tubes are threaded with a bronze or stainless-steel plug, and secured with a neoprene gasket for a tight fit. Our standard plugs or venting plugs are available in all sizes, and allow for the release of stored gases without the need for plug removal.