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Crew and Passenger Monitoring and Communication Technology

Dimeq is a Norway-based technology company offering a new era of digital health, safety and environment (HSE) solutions and advanced monitoring technology for the shipping sector.

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Dimeq is a Norway-based technology company offering a new era of digital health, safety and environment (HSE) solutions and advanced monitoring technology for the shipping sector.

Unique technology solutions are available to offer real-time personnel positioning on board a vessel. Advantages of the technology allow innovative digitalisation of maritime HSE, as well as intellectual property rights (IPR) protected technology and advanced six to 12-month battery lifetime.

Wristband technology for vessel crew positioning

Dimeq offers one of the smallest wristbands on the market, featuring advanced tracking technology with small data packages. It is one of the most adaptable and easy to integrate systems.

The EyeD-1 wristband is an advanced monitoring tool for ship crew members.
Monitoring wristbands provide accurate crew member positioning throughout the vessel.
The EyeD-1 wristband can be used as a secure payment device for ship passengers.
The Eye-D writstband is an IoT device that provides better connectivity.
The Eye-D wristband is a microchip-operated and multi-functional monitoring device.

The positioning technology is designed to create a more safe, secure and reliable working environment for maritime crew on all types of vessels with a range of features.

Simultaneous tracking for multiple crew members

Dimeq’s crew positioning technology ensures organised, reliable information and count of personnel located on board vessels.

Our EyeD-1 offers high-speed tracking of personnel as they reach the mustering station area, from individuals to groups of a thousand. There is no limit to the system’s ability to monitor and count multiple users at the same time.

The solution ensures time-effective operations on large ships. An operation that can take several hours with manual counting and old records can be completed in a few minutes using the advanced EyeD-1 system. Our solutions bring a digital muster station to the maritime industry.

Automated ship passenger registration wristbands

For passenger vessels, registration of people who enter and leave the vessel on a daily basis is critical.

Our automated system can provide an unlimited count of passengers and crew members that are entering or leaving the ship without having to stop, check or register themselves.

The automated system is set up similarly to a muster station, based on fields registered through the sensors on the EyeD-1 wristband. It works as a tag that is linked to a profile of the user, controlling their registration status, position and other relevant information displayed directly on the bridge screen or tablet.

Man overboard detection and alert system

Being unaware of a man overboard (MOB) can become a major problem for ship operators, but the EyeD-1 can prevent this.

The system can detect a MOB in real-time, instantly providing details on location, identity and time of the accident, highlighting this to the bridge and officers on duty. This ensures that action can be taken rapidly and effectively to provide help and ensure no lives are lost at sea.

Emergency on-board alarms

As an extension to the mustering function pack, Dimeq offers monitoring and digital support for other on-board emergencies.

Muster stations continue to be watched and covered as usual while other teams and special operations are monitored with the same precision. For example, the system can monitor the fire team, controlling members at their stations and providing details of the location and type of fire. This can increase effectiveness and monitor the team in real-time throughout the operation.

Blackouts, which commonly occur on board vessels, can be monitored using our technology. The system monitors the last detected location and provides real-time updates to muster stations with information displayed on screens or mobile devices.

Sensors at the muster stations are directly connected to the servers uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, ensuring operations are carried out effectively with the necessary data.

Secure on-board payment and key device for passengers

Dimeq’s lightweight and user-friendly wristbands are designed with advanced technology, providing users with a wide range of functions depending on their requirements.

A Bluetooth chip integrated with near-field communication (NFC) is used for secure data exchange, allowing the wristband to be used as a safe and secure payment device.

The wristband also has a key functionality. This is ideal for cruise ship passengers, providing secure access to their rooms in addition to a payment solution in one reliable wristband.

The additional features of the EyeD-1 system can be easily integrated with existing on-board systems due to our standard protocols.

Integrated crew and passenger tracking technology

In an increasingly digital age, integration is key. Our EyeD-1 solution brings together a range of functionalities in one diverse wristband. Clients can tailor the system according to their requirements.

The system can be integrated with a range of administrative people on board (POB) systems, and it can be used as an extension of sensor monitoring areas such as engine machines, toxicity, noise and fire detection.

The commonly used Bluetooth connectivity allows the system to be integrated with a range of devices using advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Clients can choose a basic solution or build the package for an enhanced HSE and user solution. Fill out the enquiry form on this page for more information.


  • EYED: Remote Tracking Wristbands for Crew Members

    EYED is a comfortable microchip-operated wristband, which can be connected to all ship sensor areas to allow for better monitoring using real-time data. This device connectivity enables better crew and incident management.

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