Novarc Technologies Inc. (Novarc), a full-stack robotics company specialising in the design and commercialisation of collaborative robots (cobots) and artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine vision solutions for autonomous welding, announced today that it is partnering with Lincoln Electric, the leading global manufacturer of advanced arc welding solutions and automated joining, assembly, and cutting systems, to expand Novarc’s automated cobot pipe welding solutions.

As part of the partnership, Novarc will integrate Lincoln Electric’s welding technologies, including Lincoln’s patented Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®) root pass technology, and HyperFill® twin wire MIG welding solutions, into Novarc’s automated cobot pipe welding solution. Additionally, Lincoln Electric will promote Novarc’s Spool Welding Robot (SWR) for automated cobot process pipe welding.

“We are excited to collaborate with Lincoln Electric on the development and marketing of our Spool Welding Robot® (SWR) and other new products in robotics and AI. Lincoln Electric is an established brand renowned as a global manufacturer of arc welding solutions, and this new partnership is a natural evolution of our relationship to provide our collective clients with the leading automated cobot pipe welding technology solutions,” said Novarc Technologies CEO Soroush Karimzadeh. “Our SWR solution has generated over a 400% productivity increase for clients in industries such as contract manufacturing and shipbuilding and we expect our collaboration with Lincoln Electric to expand upon leading joint solutions, such as SWR+HyperFill, will drive added value for customers,” Karimzadeh stated.

 “We look forward to collaborating with Novarc to advance the most innovative and productive automated cobot welding and fabrication solutions for the process pipe industry,” said Lincoln Electric marketing vice-president Bruce Chantry.We expect this partnership will deliver pipe fabricators a high quality automated solution with efficient, high-deposition welds and unmatched speed to help expedite project timelines.”

Novarc’s SWR solution revolutionised pipe welding, when it was introduced in 2017, by automating pipe welding and paving the way for the introduction of cobots in the welding industry. The SWR works alongside a human operator to increase productivity, weld quality, and consistency, and customers typically achieve a six to 18-month return on investments.

Novarc has experienced significant growth in the past three years; doubling the number of team members, and SWR sales this year. The agreement with Lincoln Electric will allow Novarc to further collaborate on more products, including incorporating AI and machine learning, which is expected to continue the growth trajectory.