Manning Electric is a Brooklyn-based supplier and distributor of electrical parts and accessories for the shipping and naval industries, including measuring instruments, signal and audio devices, plugs and receptacles and cables and connectors. Our company is built around three key strengths: a strong and loyal customer base, first-class distributorships and a competent and dedicated staff, which ensures that we’re able to supply high-quality goods as well as unmatched service.

Navigation lights and lanterns

Manning Electric supplies the highest-quality brands to ensure long-lasting and cost-effective results. All the light and heat products that we supply are built for durability and long life, including features such as cast-bronze or marine-grade aluminium housing to avoid rusting and a watertight access cap for easy bulb replacement.

Phoenix floodlights are completely shock and vibration resistant, coated with thermoset powder to withstand the harsh weather conditions at sea.

Industrial and heavy-duty batteries

Manning Electric stocks all sizes of industrial and heavy-duty batteries from reliable brands such as Eveready, Energizer, Duracell and Rayovac. Our extensive range also includes batteries for specific pieces of equipment, such as hearing aids.

Aqua Signal is a world-leading maritime lighting manufacturer, approved for use in over 21 countries.
Duracell manufactures alkaline, photo/electronic, lithium photo, lantern, hearing aid, super heavy-duty and special application batteries.
Fulton Industries manufactures marine flashlights, coast guard (ASTM)/Solas approved flashlights, headlight flashlights and lanterns.
WD-40 Company produces top-quality, multi-purpose products for cleaning, penetrating, protecting, and lubricating all kinds of equipment.
Pauluhn is a leading supplier of specialised area lighting and connecting products used in offshore and onshore drilling and shipbuilding.

Wire and cable

American Insulated Wire and Carol Cable are our key brands for portable, power, telecommunications, electronic and control cables, due to their excellent reputation for quality within the shipping industries.

Connectors, tape, cable ties and insulating liquids

Manning Electric has a large supply of sealing and connecting solutions, all offering the consistent, long-lasting performance that is crucial onboard, from industry-trusted brands such as 3M and Mueller Electric. This inventory includes compression, overhead and underground connectors, electrical and insulating tape, heat shrink tape, wiring connectors, plugs and receptacles, cable-tray systems and cable ties.

We stock the full Thomas & Betts product line, including:

  • T&B cable tray systems
  • T&B circuit protective equipment
  • T&B conduit fittings
  • T&B electrician
  • T&B enclosures
  • T&B surface raceway systems
  • T&B wire management systems

Fuses for circuit protection systems

Manning Electric stocks various fuses for circuit protection systems without the use of tape or connectors. Cooper Bussman and Ferraz Shawmut are leading manufacturers of fuses and fusible systems, and produce fuses in a range of electrical ratings, as well as panel-mounted, sealed or unsealed, and waterproof fuse holders.

Signal and audio equipment

Communications and signalling equipment products include megaphones, tannoys, buzzers, horns, multi-tonne signals, air horns, sirens, alarm systems, engineering signals and telephone systems.

Hose McCann Telephone Company sound-powered telephones are powered simply by the energy of your voice in to the microphone, without the use of batteries or other outside sources of current. Other product lines include audio electronic megaphones from Cable Form, outdoor signals systems from Edwards, and safety signals from Federal Signal.

As a first-class distributor we are committed to supplying the highest standards of equipment, particularly in cases such as communications and emergency equipment where second-best simply won’t do.

Ballasts for marine lighting applications

Manning Electric supplies fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, dimming, neon and flashing ballasts for commercial and industrial marine lighting applications. Brands include Advance, Magnatek and Robertson Worldwide for reliable and versatile service life.

Metres and instruments

Manning Electric’s metres and measuring instruments provide professional test equipment for electrical, HVAC, construction and maintenance applications. Specific products include clamp-on ammeters, multi-metres circuit tracers, harmonic analysers, ultrasonic leak detectors, and refrigerant recovery products.