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Energy-Efficient Hybrid Solutions for the Shipping Industry

WE Tech Solutions delivers energy efficient, hybrid power solutions for the global shipping sector based on DC-link power distribution, variable speed power generation, energy storage, and energy management systems.


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WE Tech Solutions is a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions, with a global presence in the shipping industry.

Headquartered in Vaasa, Finland, the company delivers energy efficient, hybrid power solutions for the global shipping sector based on DC-link power distribution, variable speed power generation, energy storage, and energy management systems.

WE Tech Solutions’ focus market is ocean-going vessels and the company also supplements business areas such as short-sea vessels, offshore construction and support vessels, coastal vessels, high power shore DC-charging solutions, shore power supply solutions, and solutions for shore-based power generation.

Suitable for both new buildings and retrofits, the company’s solutions bring numerous benefits to the shipping industry worldwide. Nowadays, more than 120 vessels are benefiting from having WE Tech Solutions’ products onboard.

Power solutions and generators for the shipping industry

WE Drive

WE Drive is a form of variable frequency drive technology for generator/motor applications in a compact and robust modular design. The WE Drive is either air or liquid cooled and operates at a power range of 0.5MW-6MW in low-voltage applications.

Variable speed shaft generator

The variable speed permanent magnet generator is lightweight and compact-sized and offers higher efficiency when compared to the full speed and power range. It requires minimal maintenance, which helps to reduce upkeep costs. WE Tech Solutions also offers solutions based on synchronous and asynchronous generator technology.

Energy storage solution

WE Tech Solutions uses the latest lithium-ion technology from energy storage system (ESS) suppliers. Using a DC-DC converter, the company integrates ESS technology into its maritime solutions.

Shore power solution

Shore power is conditioned for the vessels’ electrical system via the WE Drive. This provides a significant advantage as it means that vessels are unaffected by the variations in voltages and frequencies of the national power grids across the world. With this system, shore power is always matching, which improves consistency and reliability.

Energy management system (EMS)

With the energy management system, WE Tech Solutions can control various ship operation modes, as well as procedures such as start/stop sequences. The EMS interfaces with other control systems on board a ship, providing a more cohesive operating experience.

Advantages of energy-efficient power solutions

With WE Tech Solutions products onboard, the following goals can be achieved:

Lower capital expenditure

  • Less installed power thanks to increased efficiency and flexibility of the electrical system.
  • Reduced weight of the electrical system.
  • A smaller main switch board footprint and less copper in cabling and bus-bars due to limited fault currents in the DC-link power distribution.
  • Lower total harmonic distortion (THD) in the electrical system thanks to the low harmonic active front end (AFE) drive technology.

Lower operational costs

  • Reduced electric power generation costs as the shaft generator is driven by the main engine at variable (optimal) speeds.
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs thanks to auxiliary generators.
  • Reduced losses in electrical power distribution.
  • Propulsion machinery and/or electrical power generating machinery are always operating at an optimal duty point.

Improved flexibility and reliability

  • Take me home/take me away operating modes.
  • Safer returns to port with auxiliary propulsion drive.
  • Boost modes, which include low-load optimisation and ice-boost modes
  • Black-out prevention and battery packages connected to DC-link power distribution.
  • Dual or quad split electrical power distribution.

Reduced environmental footprint

  • Lowered fuel consumption.
  • Reduced emissions (CO₂, NOx, SOx, and PM) thanks to the improved efficiency of propulsion machinery, electrical power generation, and distribution.
  • Fully compliant with many different environmental regulations, including EEXI, EEDI, and CII.

Better design flexibility

  • WE Tech Solutions’ smart solutions remove traditional design limitations and ensure that propulsion machinery, cargo handling, and electrical power distribution systems are always operating with maximum efficiency.
  • Power dense, permanent magnet technology helps to reduce the size and weight of machinery.

Shore connectivity

  • The WE Drive generates shore power that is at least 50 % cheaper when compared to electricity generated onboard the vessel.
  • Vessels are not dependent on various voltages and frequencies of national power grids worldwide.
  • Auxiliary generators are stopped at ports, resulting in cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Energy storage solutions

  • Battery packages connected to DC-link power distribution systems.
  • Energy reserves for electrical load peak shaving and black-out prevention.
  • When connected to variable speed auxiliary generators, battery packs prevent generator load surging during electrical load steps, which creates a stable electrical load. This way, users can generate parameters to stay within an optimal operation window.
  • Substantial fuel savings in dynamic positioning (DP) operations.

Shipowners and operators face constant and rapid changes to environmental regulations and operating costs, but these can be anticipated and successfully managed. By implementing WE Tech Solutions’ offerings, users can improve the energy efficiency of vessels through effective and viable means, helping to achieve the goal of a zero-emission future for the shipping industry.

About WE Tech Solutions

WE Tech Solutions was founded in 2010. Since then, the company has been combining its extensive experience and the latest technology to create innovative and reliable solutions for the shipping industry.

The company provides customers with first-class service and works with an extensive range of shipping operators. So far, WE Tech Solutions has provided energy efficient and hybrid solutions for more than 120 vessels across the world.

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    WE Tech Solutions' offerings to the industry are based on DC-link power distribution, variable speed power generation, energy storage, and energy management systems.

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