La Naval contract

Construcciones Navales del Norte (CNN), proprietor of La Naval de Sestao shipyard, has been awarded the contract for the construction of two passenger transport ferries for the ship owner Balearia. Both constructions, driven by liquefied natural gas (LNG), will be the first vessels to incorporate natural gas to the main propulsion system within the Spanish State.

Additionally, both vessels with a length of 225m and a beam of 30m are within the largest capacity vessels of this kind in Europe and will be the largest made in Spain.

The propulsion design based on dual motors that have the ability of using interchangeably natural gas or diesel, will allow a reduction of CO² emissions (in the order of 30%) and other contaminant gases.

This technological innovation is located within the Balearia policy for the improvement of the competitiveness through the construction of technologically advanced and innovative vessels with the incorporation of systems aimed at improving efficiency, allowing the fulfillment of environmental directives and regulations as well as offering a better service and comfort to the customers.

In this direction, the specification of these vessels includes the noise and vibration requirements established by the comfort class notation BUREAU VERITAS, as well as the corresponding on board noise and vibration and harbor radiated noise directives.

In order to be awarded with this contract, La Naval, being heir to the construction of the most advanced LNG’s made in the past, has used its experience in the recent construction of a 1,750 passenger and 350 vehicle ferry for the Dutch ship owner TESO, as well as the current vessels under construction in their facilities: Two hopper suction dredgers for Van Oord and a multipurpose off-shore vessel for the ship owner DEME. All these vessels shall fulfill the most high comfort noise and vibration requirements: From COMF-1 to COMF-2, including dynamic positioning conditions and the fulfillment of local directives and laws.

In the same manner as for the aforementioned vessels, La Naval has trusted TSI for the dynamic-acoustic design of these new vessels through the application of the methodology ‘noise and vibration comprehensive management’, that will allow the fulfillment of the contractual requirements stated in the Specification for this new contract with Balearia. TSI expresses its gratitude to La Naval for its confidence.