TSI has carried out successfully the first machinery measurements in the DANAOS Corporation container ship to test the Machinery Risk Assessment tool-developed EU INCASS project.

The main aim of the INCASS project is to assist inspection bodies and ship operators’ daily routine and to enhance the procedures followed by them. Key objectives are related to presenting a comprehensive solution for a faster, more flexible and effective inspection and maintenance regime based on innovative use of robotics, machinery condition monitoring and real time information.

In the framework of this project TSI, one of the Work Package leaders, and Strathclyde University (coordinator) recently carried out the first three-day machinery measurement campaign in a large container vessel thanks to the collaboration of the shipping company DANAOs, partner of the project. During this measurement campaign the process of collecting data of different pieces of machinery of the ship ZIM Luanda was started. These data will be utilized for the validation of the different tools developed in INCASS project.

The tests were performed with a multi-technology recording system developed in INCASS project able to carry out vibration and temperature measurements, ultrasounds for bearing diagnostics and current signature analysis. Furthermore, aiming at having a comprehensive solution with regard to the activities associated to any inspection, the operator can also make pre-defined checklists, include notes and take images in the same device.

The recording system was developed due to the necessity of acquiring a high amount of data during a sustained period in the INCASS project with the aim to test the Machinery Risk Assessment (MRA) developed and part of the INCASS platform. Due to the success of the first tests, a rugged version of the system will be given to the crew of the same container ship so they can carry out the measurements required for the tests for about a month.

On the other side, the second annual review of the project took place the last week of January in Brussels During this review, the different partners of the project presented the progress made during the last year. After this presentation, the feedback of the reviewers were really good and encouraged the partners going on this way and disseminate the good results.

It is only one year left and it will be focused on the validation of the different tools of the INCASS platform. On the one side, as mentioned above, the MRA will be tested using the machinery measurements to be carried out. On the other hand, the Structure Reliability Assessment (SRA) will be assessed with gauge strain and displacement measurements performed in the same ship. Finally, the overall performance of the platform will be tested and the communication of the different tools checked.