German multinational company VULKAN Group, world leader in the design and production of elastic mountings, composite shaft lines, and mechanical couplings for marine propulsion systems and all kind of industrial equipment, has celebrated its 125th Anniversary with the consequent pride of being owned by the Hackforth Family (fourth generation).

An example difficult to imitate that should be a referent for those who consider essential the reindustrialisation of Europe and its member countries. Nowadays, VULKAN Group has plants and local offices in the five continents.

At the initiative of Mr. Hendrik Sura, responsible for development of the German division and Mr. José Ignacio Cuenca, responsible for the Spanish division of VULKAN, TSI, has been invited to the central offices in order to impart a seminar to all the company technical staff about the design of ‘Silent Ships’ in fulfillment with class notations, community directives, local legislation and, in particular, all the related to the reduction of the ‘acoustic signature’ of all kind of vessels.

This was done in view of the fulfillment of the marine strategy framework directive (MSFD) objectives, whose entry into force is foreseen for 2020.

The seminar has been given by D. Publio Beltrán, TSI founder and director with a 40-year wide experience in the resolution of vibration and noise problems in all kind of facilities. During the seminar progress, once the regulatory framework in force related to noise and vibrations on board, harbor radiated noise and underwater radiated noise was reviewed, the ‘noise and vibration comprehensive management’ tool was presented.This has been developed by TSI and has been efficiently applied in the design of vessels with high requirements.

Additionally and within a highly focused approach, it was demonstrated the critical nature of the vibration and noise control in the sources and generators as one of the most effective measuresand at a lower cost in order to fulfill the requirements of all kind of ‘silent ships’.

Due to the world implantation of the VULKAN Group, acceptation of the customers, the quality of its products, as well as for the importance and critical nature of them in the design of ‘silent ships’, the fact that the company is under conditions for playing a leading role in supporting the general implantation of the current directives and those that will be entered immediately into force was noted during the final discussion and seminar closing.

Its references in this field, its special ‘silent mountings’ design capacities and the high quality of its products allow the company to guarantee ship owners, shipyards and main suppliers fulfillment with these regulations.

The technical day was completed with a guided visit to the Factory and the Test Bench of VULKANthat, according to the invited visitor and based on his experience they constitute a technological and a quality control reference.

A recommendable visit for those ship owners, shipyards and professional propulsion system designers that, worried about the integrity of their propelled designs, they will be able to check from its own experience the high grade of control of the finished products, the high level of testing and verification procedures that allow the customer to be sure about thehigh quality of the final product.

With this kind of professional experience exchange between world leaders such as VULKAN Group, in the supply of essential components in order to reach ‘silent propulsion systems and gen-sets’, and specialised consultants, in the dynamic-acoustic design of this kind of silent ships that shall comply with the strict ship owner and shipyard requirements, we are walking in the right direction for optimising supplies in order to guarantee the fulfillment with such requirements and, as a consequence, of the current and imminent directives. This is not only valid for new constructions, but even for vessels that are currently in operation.

This day has supposed to TSI the big challenge that implies exchange experiences with one of the technical staff more specialised and with the highest standing in the design of the dynamic behavior on vessel propulsion systems of the world. All this has been compensated with a hospitality, generosity and stylish treatment from the part of the whole VULKAN Group staff that will be difficult to forget.

Proof of this is that the day was completed with the gift of the 125th anniversary commemorative album ‘We are 125’ from the part of the group president, Mr Sebastian Hackfoth, to D. Publio Beltran.