Marine Fenders International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of marine fendering systems was selected to supply our Ocean Guard™ netless foam-filled marine fender system for the one of the harshest marine environments in the world, the DeLong Pier at the Thule Air Base in Greenland.

The Maintain DeLong Pier project is located at the DeLong Pier along the Waterfront. The maximum mean daily temperature is 7°C (44°F) in the month of July, with a minimum mean daily temperature of -29°C
(-20°F) in the month of March.

The DeLong Pier was constructed circa 1950 and is a prefabricated steel structure 1,000ft long by 50ft wide oriented in the west-east direction. The pier consists of four steel barge units, each with overall dimensions of 250ft long by 50ft wide by 10ft deep, aligned end to end. The barges are supported by two rows and 24 bents of steel pipe caissons. Each barge is supported by two rows of six caissons.

The project work consists of jacketing deteriorated north row caissons, installation of a galvanic cathodic protection system, coating of the south row caisson to barge interface, the installation of an Ocean Guard netless foam-filled marine fender system and the repair of a damaged barge unit.

The replacement fender system consists of the installation of 20 Ocean Guard netless foam-filled fenders measuring 4ft diameter by 12ft long each. These tough fenders are constructed with a heat-laminated energy-absorbing resilient foam core, a thick tough filament nylon tire cord-reinforced non-marking urethane skin and heavy-duty integral swivel end fittings internally connected with a stud-link chain.

These Ocean Guard netless foam-filled fenders are designed to absorb 146ft-kips (20t-m) of energy when 60% compressed with a corresponding load of 136kips (62t).

Marine Fenders International, Inc’s Ocean Guard Ocean Cushion™ foam-filled fenders are constructed and designed for the worlds toughest environments. Engineered for excellence.