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Carbon Limits specialises in the provision of greenhouse gas emission monitoring and reduction support services.

Our team members have been involved in climate change policy making since the early 1990s, offering essential guidance through a range of research and consultancy services for public institutions and governments, private sector clients and international organisations, with a particular emphasis on climate change issues.

Monitoring, reporting and verification solutions for the maritime sector

Effective monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) is a key aspect of any successful effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is also a legal requirement in a number of jurisdictions, including in the European Union (EU).

Carbon Limits specialises in MRV services and has experience dealing with issues in a wide variety of sectors and contexts, from renewable energy to industrial production, and within various regulatory frameworks worldwide.

The implementation of robust monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) processes is vital to the effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the shipping sector.
Carbon Limits’ unique knowledge and industry expertise makes the company the ideal partner to assist in establishing environmentally friendly shipping operations.
Our dedicated engineers, project managers and economists are available to discuss clients’ individual MRV verification needs and operation-specific challenges.

Our unique knowledge and insight make us well-placed to offer advice relating to all manner of MRV-related concerns.

We provide our clients with indispensable assistance regarding the development of greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting solutions, as well as help with the implementation of robust, accurate methodologies to facilitate easy and precise emissions monitoring across the shipping industry.

Bespoke emission monitoring systems for marine applications

Carbon Limits is able to develop company-specific tools for emission monitoring and reporting applications to provide clients with a greenhouse gas solution that is carefully optimised for their own unique requirements.

Our team of industry professionals can also prepare in-depth monitoring reports and MRV protocols that are suitable for the authorities and fully compliant with the relevant market regulations.

In addition, we regularly conduct thorough pre-verification audits for our clients. We also provide practical assistance during interactions with third-party verifiers or regulators to ensure companies are able to complete the verification process and receive the necessary environmental certification as quickly and easily as possible.

Regulation compliance assistance for shipping companies

Carbon Limits can provide valuable support and assistance during the preparation and submission of marine regulatory compliance documents.

We have extensive experience working with public, private and international organisations to ensure their activities are conducted in accordance with the latest national, international and EU standards.

We are able to prepare comprehensive emission management plans that are tailored to the individual operational needs of a company, region or facility, in order to develop the best possible strategy for efficient and cost-effective greenhouse gas reductions.

About Carbon Limits

Carbon Limits was originally established in Oslo, Norway, in 2005. The company comprises a highly experienced team of technical experts, economists and project managers that possess deep insight into climate change and energy development. In addition, the team possesses key local knowledge regarding individual regions of operation to ensure clients’ solutions are optimised for their own activities.

Our personnel have also garnered extensive expertise in industrial, energy and transport sector issues and how they relate to climate change policies. For example how the reduction of emissions from investments can be monitored, reported, verified and eventually traded into carbon markets.

The company has a global client base and has conducted projects in more than 20 countries to date, including Norway, Russia, US, Canada, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, and Ecuador.