In partnership with our Danish distributor, Uhre & Nybaek, we will be exhibiting at the Danish Maritime Fair in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The fair will be taking place 2-4 May, where you can come and talk to us at stand 0900.

Surrounded by the sea, Denmark has more than 400 islands and a total coastline of over 4,000 miles. Such geographical location is a very influential factor when it comes to Denmark’s economic activities, as many industries in the country depend on the maritime sector.

No wonder that in the last couple of years, the Danish Maritime Fair has grown to become one of the most important events in Scandinavia. This year the event will be displaying products for marine, shipping, transport and logistics, safety, and offshore technology.

More importantly, the event is a great place for maritime people to meet, discuss ideas and find ways of working together on improving operational efficiency within the industry.

Moreover, with the maritime sector facing increasing challenges, several incentives have recently been introduced to increase the efficiency of the industry. Thus, starting from 1 January 2019, the IMO will implement a new fuel consumption data collection system, aimed at reducing emissions further.

Datum Electronics manufactures marine shaft power meter systems, capable of measuring and comparing the propulsion, torque, power, rpm and (optional) thrust, ensuring optimum performance can be maintained throughout the life of the vessel.

We will be showcasing our cutting-edge, flexible shaft power meter systems, designed specifically to help ship owners calculate and improve the vessel’s $/Kw of power, in a range of operating conditions.

Using Datum Electronics’ Shaft Power Meter system enables ship owners and ship operators to comply with ALL the new international regulations.

Additionally, accurate shaft power measurement can highlight when essential maintenance such as hull cleaning, engine and propeller maintenance is required, which can help in reducing running costs even further.

For more information on our marine shaft power meter system, please either fill out the enquiry form.

In addition, we will be showcasing our shaft power measurement solutions, portable compact and standard shaft power measurement kits, capable of measuring and monitoring shaft power accurately in the field, for instance, during sea trials testing.

Available in two formats (compact and standard), standard kit provides data for long duration trials of 30-60 days and is supplied in a robust weatherproof shaft housing. The compact version, with battery life of up to 30 hours, is ideal for single day trials.

The instrumentation has an accuracy of 0.1% and can provide data rates from 1-10 samples per second (sps) as standard with options up to 1,000sps, battery life dependant. Each kit is supplied with a PC software utility to display and log the data, and an interface (DUI) is available to provide 4-20mA or +/-10V DC for logging and control system.

Do you want to find how you can comply with new requirements for the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)?

Do you need help in reducing downtime, avoiding necessary maintenance and potentially improving the overall efficiency by 10 percent?

Come and talk to us at stand 0900, we will be glad to discuss how accurate shaft power meter can help you ensure optimum performance and save on running costs.

We look forward to seeing you at the stand!