Datum Electronics, a global supplier and manufacturer of torque measurement and shaft power technology, announces an enhanced ECR display for their Marine Shaft Power Meter (MSPM) system.

Visually, the new display now incorporates the representation of analogue dials, as well as a digital display and is configurable via a touchscreen.

Datum Electronics marine product manager Mark Gladdis commented “As part of our continuous product improvement programme, we have created an easy to use display, which delivers the cumulative energy consumption information, our customers have been asking for a format, which is easy to read, economical to buy and meets all the necessary demands of a modern fleet vessel.”

Features and benefits of the new ECR are:

  • Simple installation
  • Easily configurable with 7 in touchscreen display
  • Representation of analogue and digital displays
  • Display of torque (nm), speed (RPM) and power
  • Cumulative energy indicator (kW per hour)
  • Resettable voyage energy counter (kWh) with running hours
  • Options for a full variety of digital and analogue outputs
  • Competitive price

With fuel contributing to an average of 70-85% of operation costs, the MSPM system provides highly accurate information relating to energy consumption for ship owners, fleet managers and operators, especially since the introduction of the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), which now requires that engine performance is measured and monitored.

For more information about Datum Electronics,. or to request an online demonstration of the Marine Shaft Power Meter System and ECR Display fill out the enquiry form on this page.