We will be exhibiting the Datum Electronics Shaft Power Meter systems at the SMM International Trade Fair in Hamburg, Germany.

The event is taking place 4-7 September 2018 and is an excellent opportunity to meet with our team, to discuss your requirements, along with the benefits, and to view our products and systems.

Along with leading experts in the shipbuilding and marine industries, we are looking forward to demonstrating the benefits of our Shaft Power Meter Systems and how they can improve ship performance, optimise fuel savings and reduce emissions.

Mark Gladdis, marine product manager at Datum Electronics Ltd said: “In recent times the shipping industry has been working to adopt new technologies. We are now on the verge of a sea change with shipping technology and about to witness how significant sustainability and cutting down CO2 emissions are essential for the maritime sector”.

Recently, the IMO has set emission reduction targets for the shipping industry, in the form of the mandatory energy-efficiency requirements, such as EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) and SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan). Ship owners and operators globally are now reviewing cost-effective solutions to improve fleet operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Datum’s Shaft Power Meters measure important information and data relating to a vessel’s propulsion systems such as torque, power, rpm, and thrust and bending (optional), to ensure optimum performance is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the vessel and fleet.

Using cutting-edge technology, the system is highly accurate and maintenance free, unlocking a significant amount of information about the engine, propulsion shaft and propeller performance. Whether it’s a small workboat, or a large ocean-going vessel, data from the Datum Shaft Power Meter helps ship owners and operators calculate and improve the vessel’s $ per kW ratio, throughout a whole range of operating conditions.

Paul Lynch, contracts and sales manager at Datum Electronics says: “The demand for accurate shaft power meter data is undeniable. Our ability to offer our innovative systems as well as in partnership with market-leading SPM solution providers means we are fast becoming market leaders.

“We have successfully installed hundreds of shaft power meter systems so far and this number is climbing steadily month on year. Having a unique, modular system, which doesn’t require yearly calibrations and which can be delivered quickly, at a competitive price, puts us an unrivalled position on the market.

“Also unique, is our ability to provide innovations as upgrades, for customers who see the need for things such as condition monitoring and maintenance improvement and reduction programs”

Having almost 30 years of experience as a manufacturer, Datum Electronics has been researching, developing, and manufacturing shaft power measurement solutions to the marine industry, and others for programmes to monitor fuel consumption, engine condition and maintenance needs.

If you would like to hear more about how accurate shaft power measurement can save your business money on maintenance and fuel, join us in Hall B1.OG stand 504. Or you can simply pre-book your meeting with our team by filling out the enquiry form.

We are looking forward to seeing you at SMM Hamburg Stand 504 in Hall B1.OG.