Datum Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce the expansion of the company’s presence to include Athens, Greece.

The new facility will strengthen the company’s commitment to providing flexible and cost-effective shaft power measurement solutions to Greek and Cypriot customers.

Located in the heart of the Greek shipping industry, Datum’s Athens Office will serve as a hub for developing and maintaining client relationships. At the same time, we are expecting growth in sales of our commercial marine solutions, optimal for meeting the needs of the commercial maritime market.

The new office will be hosted by Abacus Marine Consultants, renowned for their efficient and reliable service to ship owners and ship operators in Greece and Cyprus.

Malcolm Habens, MD of Datum Electronics, said: “Having an office in Greece will enable customer to have a local centre where they can have shaft power meter  demonstrations, detailed product discussions and a point of contact for ongoing support during supply, installation and service.

“The office will provide a focus for development programmes between Datum, Strathclyde University and local owners of ships and diesel generators.”

For almost 30 years, Datum Electronics has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing cutting-edge accurate shaft power measurement solutions, designed to increase vessel operating efficiency, reduce fuel costs and improve maintenance scheduling on ships.

Mark Gladdis, commercial marine product manager of Datum Electronics, added: “We are delighted to announce the opening of Datum Electronics’ Athens Office in partnership with Abacus Marine Consultants. Greece is a key country within the Marine Sector and is in the top three largest ship owners by capacity.

“We believe it is essential to have local advisors for our Marine Shaft Power Measurement Products, including our commercial marine Shaft Power Meter (SPM) system.”

Recently, IMO introduced EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) and SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan), mandatory for existing ships of 400 GT and above.  These recent developments show the IMO’s commitment to control CO2 emissions and, therefore, reduce environmental footprint for the marine industry.

Datum Electronics offers a means to comply with SEEMP and EEDI requirements, by providing ongoing power monitoring data on ships.  Our Marine Shaft Power Meter accurately measures the power, transmitted through a shaft, enabling measurement of actual power, delivered by a ship engine to a propeller or a generator.

By measuring and comparing the propulsion thrust, torque, power and rpm, the system provides ship owners and operators continuous fuel savings, and timely maintenance programmes.

With almost 30 years of shaft torque monitoring experience, Datum Electronics has developed a highly accurate shaft power measurement system, aimed at optimising engine, propeller, and fuel efficiency on commercial marine vessels.

To find contact details for Datum Electronics office in Greece, click here.