The Datum Hawk System, constantly watches the profile of the torsional forces delivered by the engine to its drive shaft.

As each cylinder acts the torsional forces are logged and the engine output profile is updated and compared with the ideal profile for the engine and the base line profile for the engine. The Datum Hawk System maintains real time data log for the engine, and reports on exceptions relating to efficiency and maintenance requirements. Keeping an engine in tune at all times can save very significant levels of fuel.

As the Datum Hawk monitors the actual torsional forces delivered by the engine, the systems accuracy and repeatability is much higher than conventional instrumentation.

Most systems use a combination of pressure and temperature sensors to monitor the engine cycle, these are either as portable test kits or permanently installed systems. Using a test kit, looking one cylinder at a time, does not allow for interaction between cylinder inputs, the measurement are only taken periodically so the opportunity exists for the engine to run for many weeks at a low efficiency between readings.

Permanent systems are costly and require specialist high specification pressure sensors to survive the repeated dynamic loading in each cylinder. They also require multiple sensors per cylinder.

When used with fuel flow input the Datum Hawk System will establish the specific fuel consumption (SFC) of the engine and provide data to report on the changes in SFC with respect to the cylinder profile. The reporting will show the efficiency variation every 5 minutes over the operating period, this granularity of data allows accurate correlation between the efficiency data and the engine torsional force model.

Further benefits provided by the Datum Diesel Hawk System, include the monitoring of the torsional frequency profile of the engine, this profile will change and show additional frequencies due to hard tuning, wear, damage and other factors that will lead to premature engine failure. The Hawk System will report on the frequency profile with agreed alarm conditions to protect your installation.

Datum Hawk System utilise Datum Electronics Patented Engine Monitoring Technology (patent pending).