Datum Electronic’s client, Marine Scotland, monitors and controls the operations of all fishing vessels in Scottish waters as well as the activities of Scottish vessels wherever they may fish, and their fishing capacity, defined in terms of engine power and tonnage of the actual fishing vessels.

Working in marine conditions requires a certain level of protection for any test equipment, fishing vessels propeller shafts often do not have lots of available space to fit test equipment, so Marine Scotland needed a solution which was robust enough for the task and could be installed in areas where there is not much room. More than that, the kit would have to be reusable for multiple installations throughout this particular project. Due to the nature of the testing, any equipment should be simple enough to be installed, tests run, and all kit be easily removed by the attending fisheries representative on the same day of testing.

Unlike the competition, the SPMK system from Datum Electronics is easily temporarily installed and able to meet the requirements and demands of working in a marine environment. It’s portable and can be installed on site with minimal skills in a few simple steps in less than an hour (support and documentation are also available and provided by Datum Electronics). The hardware has been designed to be re-used for multiple tests on a range of shaft sizes, giving Marine Scotland the flexible solution they needed.

Datum Electronics was the first company Marine Scotland used for this kind of work, and the project turned out to be a major success. The small size of the transmitter unit made it possible to take the system onboard, collect and analyse data on-site, resulting in a substantial decrease in the time and costs needed to perform an engine power verification procedures.

Furthermore, as the SPMK system has performed well and with accurate readings, this has given Marine Scotland confidence to apply the power readings achieved during the test to any corrective action put to the owner/operator (for example, acquiring extra kilowatts or de-rating).

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