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New Torque Transducer Range Designed to Fit Your Drive Line 50Nm up to 500KNm

The standard range of the Datum FF425 Torque Transducer Series is based on DIN flanges to measure from 0Nm-100Nm up to 0Nm-10,000Nm.

Bespoke transducers with custom flanges and lengths can be supplied as direct replacements for you existing or planned spacers. The bespoke range can cater for flanges from 0-50Nm up to 500KNm.

The Datum FF425 Torque Transducers are high accuracy, high resolution transducers that are supplied with a signal interface offering 0Vdc-10Vdc, +/-10Vdc, 4mA-20mA, ethernet, USB and RS485 Serial.

Overall system accuracy and non-linearity is better that 0.1% of full scale torque. Output resolution at slow data rates (10 samples per second) is 1:250,000 and at higher data rates (4,000 samples per second) of 1:10,000.

The FF425 series compliments the conventional M425 transducers and non-contact RS425 ranges of Torque Transducers and Sensors supplied by Datum Electronics range. All of the three ranges utilise the same ARM based technology to provide a high quality measurement solutions.

The transducers are supplied with signal interface, PC software to read and configure the outputs and a certificate of calibration.

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