Datum Electronics series 430

The Datum Electronics pre-encapsulated strain gauges come supplied with in-line connectors, allowing for a quicker, more efficient installation without the need for soldering. This helps to shorten installation time, allowing the Datum Electronics shaft power measurement kit to be installed and working in a short period. Our new PowerKit software utility gives the customer more control over their testing. Also included is a self-calibration tool to help the customer work out their strain torque signal, all in one simple and easy-to-use package.

The shaft power measurement kit can be used for a variety of torque measurement applications, giving customers the ability to measure the torque, speed and power on any shaft, without the need for introducing a traditional inline torque transducer, such as the Datum Electronics M420 rotary torque transducer.

The shaft power measurement kit can be used for both short and long-term trials, as the compact kit can offer three days of continuous testing using a PP3 battery, while the standard kit has a recharchable battery that enables it to operate for 30 days of testing. The shaft power measurement kit maintains Datum Electronics’ ethos of highly accurate torque measurement, with instrumentation accuracy of 0.1% at a standard ten samples per second. Faster sample rates can be offered if needed.