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Ship Diesel Engine Parts, Components and Services

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Ruysch Technisch Handelsbureau (RTH) was founded in 1935 by the Ruysch family, of which the third generation is in charge today. RTH is specialized in delivering new OEM spare parts for four-stroke diesel engines of European origin. The parts are manufactured by European original equipment manufacturers. Warranties similar to those of the engine builders are granted. Furthermore, RTH is ISO certified.

Ship diesel engine parts and components

Over the last 75 years we have focused and specialised in the buying and selling parts for diesel engines. Our aim is to have full-range spare parts in stock.

Our range is very comprehensive. This means we can supply any part of the types of engines we deal with. These engines include:

  • SWD type: R150, DRO210, F240, TM410
  • Sulzer type: Z40/48, ZA40S, 25/30
  • ABC
  • Pielstick
  • B&W
  • Deutz
  • Other European-built four-stroke engines

We keep a permanent stock of multiple parts for all the engines we specialise in, including SWD and Sulzer. In our specialisations we are currently developing our stock of SW280 (80% already on stock) and ABC parts (40% already on stock).   

SWD280 ship diesel engine components.
SWD210 ship diesel engine components.
SWD240 ship diesel engine components.
SWD TM410 ship diesel engine components.
Sulzer ship diesel engine components.

Ship diesel engine technical services

RTH is known for its technical insight, its comprehensive network of know-how and contacts and the accuracy and speed our clients have come to depend upon. This expertise in our field is certainly unique. We will never skirt around a problem but will find a suitable solution in collaboration with the parties involved and our excellent network.  

Ship engine logistical services

As well as supplying quality products, we employ the most streamlined supply process possible. We aim to supply the right product in the right packaging at the right time at the most economic cost.

We are experts in the customs field and have our own administration which ensures that we are as flexible as possible. We have a full network of carriers and agents who take care of the transportation of parts on location. We deliver on agreement. In case of urgent matters we work 24/7 so that the supply of engine parts is not delayed.   

Service-oriented partner

You can expect a great deal from Ruysch. We are known for our reliability and expertise. This is borne out by our huge circle of regular clients. Most of them have been buying from us for years and as such, a great deal of our success is down to the word-of-mouth advertising we receive. 

Ruysch is an interested party and wants to be a committed partner. We do all we can to prove this to you.

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