Now it is the end of the Summer cruising season for the charter yachts cruising the Mediterranean Sea regions.

MetWorks have already been busy ‘escorting’ many of the larger yachts heading across the Atlantic to find the winter sun of the Caribbean.

A number departed quite early this year for a number of reasons but many were prepared to wait until December when the risk of tropical storms have diminished as the Hurricane season ends.

The commonly used standard westbound passage is via the Canary Isles, giving the option of a brief rest and relaxation and a fuel top-up.

A more direct and northerly track is sometimes considered but this brings the yacht to encounter higher swells from the winter storms crossing the Atlantic on a northeast track.

However, using the advice from MetWorks we can help to find the optimum route for comfort also economy of distance and time.

MetWorks can monitor the predictions for the eastern Atlantic and recommend the ideal time to sail from the Gibraltar Strait when a suitable weather window becomes apparent.

An initial route is agreed with the yacht skipper and MetWorks provide the initial track forecast based on the expected speed in the prevailing conditions.

We request that all vessels being weather routed send a daily position report to include course and speed also current weather conditions being experienced. This enables MetWorks to monitor their progress closely and provide timely and relevant advice and track forecasts.

Every day on passage the route is compared to the latest weather predictions and an update is provided at least every two days but more frequently if the conditions are changing during an unsettled weather period.

Metworks have many customers that come back every year and request our services for the Atlantic crossing and also to keep an eye on the weather situation in the cruise areas.

When making your preparations for the transit, don’t forget to contact MetWorks for your own peace of mind. You know it makes sense!